September 13, 2012

Dear John.....errr, I mean Blackberry.

Dear Blackberry -

You know how I love you.  You and I have been together for years.  You were my very first.  You knew that, didn't you?

You showed me the joys of what it means to own a smartphone.  You were so intoxicating; providing email access to all of my accounts, texting, access to the Internet (thus giving me the capability to prove that I was right in whatever argument I might be having at the moment - for that alone, I will always love you), the task list, the memo pad feature.....and Twitter.  Oh, how I love to be able to access Twitter on the phone.  Not to mention that you are so slim and cute and fit perfectly into my back pocket.

And your keyboard?  Oh, how I love that keyboard, with the raised buttons and the fact that it's not too big and not too small.

But now? know what, Blackberry?  It's not you.  It's me.  Seriously.  And well, frankly, I'm due for an upgrade.

See, I keep hearing all about these fabulous things called "apps" and from what I can see, you offer very, very few.  And those apps?  Well, they are tempting.  Especially when I hear that a lot of the hot ones, like Words with Friends are free and easy for anyone on a device other than you.  And, you know how much I love word games.  I mean, you were the one that I used every time I needed to complain to the newspaper about not receiving my paper; which we both know I only subscribe to for those fabulous, daily crossword puzzles and the funny pages.

And you know how I love new technology and gadgets and those apps offer so many.

And you know what else?  The screens.  They are so much....well; I'll just say it.  Bigger.  Not there is anything wrong with your screen size.  It's just that with these old eyes, I need something a little easier to read.  I'm sure you understand.

And then there's the whole touch screen thing.  Yes, I admit it, I'm kind of a tactile gal and my fingers are just itching to get at one of those screens.

So here's the deal, Blackberry, I'm leaving you.  Please, please know that in my heart you will always hold a special place.  I mean, you were my first.

Please don't cry.  You are a beautiful phone, with that fabulous raspberry cover.  You WILL find someone else; I promise.  Someone who will appreciate your QWERTY keyboard and your comfortable size.  Before you know it you will find yourself cradled in someone else's palm, or better yet, in their back pocket; and you won't even remember me; I'll be nothing but a distant memory.

You'll see, BB.  You'll see.  This way we will both be so much happier.  I know it.

One last text; just one.  Because tomorrow, I'll be shopping.

I'll love you forever but now?  Now I must say goodbye, for both of our sakes.



  1. Apps. Apps?

    I've heard of these.

    I am so far behind the times I think I can see the back of my own head.


  2. Just the thought of having to figure out anything different holds me back. You'd laugh if you saw the antique I'm using!

  3. I will be writing this letter in one year when I upgrade my blackberry!!

  4. Hmmm. This sounds suspiciously like an iPhone on the horizon. Yes? :-)

  5. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!!!! Oh, that was awesome! I do have to say Steve Jobs did make them smarter, not to mention bigger. Sorry Blackberry to insult your phone size.

    I, too, was a latecomer to iphone. My entire family owned one, but I was loyal to my own phone, until my hubs insisted we all get on the same plan. I've never looked back once I held that beautiful phone in my hand. It is an amazing thing.