September 21, 2012

His evil plan to drive me crazy? It's working.

By now we all know that I am the main help desk support in this house.  But I used to have a little bit of back up in the form of Man-Child.  Meaning he could help his father with some of the more basic issues whenever I wasn't around.

Now that Man-Child has set off to seek fame, fortune and an education all help desk responsibilities; along with all the chit-chat, please-talk-to-me-I've-had-no-one-to-talk-to-all-day responsibilities (we HAVE to find this man a job and someone else to talk to, STAT!); have fallen squarely on my shoulders.

Responsibilities that are irritating the very life out of me, if the truth be told.  Especially after the past three days.

Our remote control died.  This did not concern me AT ALL but it bothered He-Who-Must-Have-The-TV-On-Constantly (aka Hubby) to no end.  The how and why a remote can just up and die out of nowhere escapes me, but there you go.  Apparently, they do.  So he went out to buy a new remote.

Hubby, being Hubby (and, to be fair, because of our lack of funds) bought the cheapest remote possible.  And then proceeded to spend the entire day trying to program it to our tv.  And when that didn't work, enlisted me; after I'd spent a boring exhausting day at work; to try and "fix" it.

My determination?  That the remote was a piece of junk and he needed to return it and buy a more expensive model.  The basis of this determination?  Because I've already been down this road more than once....since apparently we kill off remotes left and right around here.  I figure they are dying from overuse, but that's just my opinion.

So yesterday, he returns the one and gets the more expensive model (which, of course, I had to hear all about) and gets it to work.....sorta; at least it turned the tv off and on and changed channels....but that was it.  But because the Giants were on last night - but NOT on regular tv, of course, I was once again enlisted to "fix" it so he could connect the tv to the laptop and stream the game.

After an hour of not being able to get the remote to do anything other than change channels and turn off and on, I finally told him that he had no choice but to watch the game on the laptop......which then necessitated me figuring out how to download whatever special software, etc. was needed to actually watch the game.....

Eventually, it was all done and he was happily watching the game and I could go to bed.  Thank God.

And then there was today.  Today, I spent (no lie) FIFTEEN MINUTES trying to explain to him, over the phone, how he could simultaneously attach two documents to an email......yes, seriously.

I love that man with all my heart.  I do!  But his effort to slowly drive me insane is working.  And it's working well.

Very, very well.


  1. We've had to replace the batteries, but I don't think we've ever had a non-working remote!

    I hear ya on the explaining computer stuff. I have to do that on a regular basis and I'm not even that technologically astute.

  2. At least you were able to fix it. I can't imagine my hubby asking ME to help with something like that, he would do it himself no matter how long it took him. Hope he doesn't succeed in driving you crazy... :-)

  3. I think this is my first time reading this blog. The only problem we have had with our remotes is that our bunny eats the buttons off of the remote.
    I am going to keep reading your blog =)

  4. Men! Our remote died - hubby bought a ps3 so he can watch tv through play tv!

  5. Perhaps you can explain my IPad to me.

  6. Gigi, I feel your pain. I really o.

    My husband is computer illiterate. A couple of years ago he starts yelling and causing about how the kids have broken the damn computer. I. Ask hat the problem is and he tells me that it will only type in Capitol letters. *sigh*. No, sadly, I'm NOT kidding. It was the caps lock key.

    A couple of weeks go the same thing happened. The cussing, he blaming the kids, tic. This time the dang computer would only type gobblygook. Yep, the numbers lock was on. I give up!!

  7. Sorry bout the typos. Typing on iPad and obviously I'm not very good at it!

  8. You need the man-child back pronto! No woman should have to endure what you're going through... remote control traumas and 15 minutes to explain how to attach two docs to an email! *throws arms up in air in frustration and sympathy*

  9. LOL I fear I'm a little bit like your Hubby. My husband is away right now and I couldn't even get our TV to turn on yesterday!! I had to get my 13 year old to turn it on for me:)