September 24, 2012

After all these years - why am I surprised?

Why am I surprised that the evil next door neighbor (not the good one) had his chain saw out and fired up bright and early on Sunday morning?  One day, evil neighbor, one day when you aren't expecting it karma will reach up and whack you upside the head.  One day......I only hope I'm there to see it.

Why am I surprised that after I stayed up far too late - on a "school" night - that I am extra cranky on Monday morning?

Why am I surprised when I get phone call - from out of the blue - from my dad it just means more worry? If I am giving this much angst to Man-Child when I'm 70 somebody please call me out on it.......although.....maybe this is just payback for my teen years?  Hmmm, something to ponder...let me get back to you on that whole "calling me out" thing.

Why am I surprised that our friends "friendly" divorce is completely spiraling out of control - into the territory of Utter Madness?

And why am I surprised that they are both trying to suck us into it? (Sorry friends, ain't happening)

Why am I surprised when I receive a text - from out of the blue - from Man-Child just saying he loves me?

And why am I surprised when that text from out of the blue brings tears to my eyes? Apparently, I AM a big cry-baby after all.....and I raised him right.

Why am I surprised at the obvious lack of turn signals that most cars seem to carry these days.

Why am I surprised that Hubby's spices STILL reside on my dining room table after - what? - FORTY-FOUR days?! (And yes, I cheated and said something to him about this past weekend.....can you blame me?!)

Why am I (still) surprised when my phone "whistles" at me whenever I have an incoming message?  (It's only been six days and I don't get that many incoming messages but still; I should have figured out how to change that by now but to be honest; it's kinda nice to get whistled at by inanimate objects every once in a while.)

Why am I surprised when my land-line rings and it's just a random call?  I mean one I actually KNOW uses that number anymore.

And mostly, why am I surprised that after staying up to late on a "school" night that I am completely and utterly exhausted by 7:00 pm?

Seriously.  After all this time I've spent on this crazy, spinning, globe why AM I surprised?


  1. I had an old friend who used to say to me "Never expect anything, that way you are always pleasantly surprised."

    I am still waiting for the pleasantly part.

  2. Ha! The one I liked the best is MC telling you he loves you out of the blue and you tearing up. I can relate to both sides of that one!! :-)

  3. I think if one of my kids were to text me to say they love me... I'D HAVE A HEART ATTACK! My youngest son doesn't hesitate to tell me, but it's usually at the end of a conversation, text, or email. I'm not complaining, AT LEAST HE TELLS ME!

  4. Great post Gigi! Loved reading this, seriously these days, no surprises me and I have a neighbour very fond of forgetting all my kids bedrooms are at the back of the house but seems to think it fit to cut down tree's way too early on a Sunday xx

  5. Aw.... out-of-the-blue texts from man-child telling you he loves you... you raised that boy right Gigi x

  6. I find it amusing that you mentioned staying up late on a school night twice. Very telling. :)

    Yay for Man-Child's text! That outta hold you for a little while. :)

  7. I was nodding throughout your whole list! Got a text from my boy at school after he received a package from me. "Thank you, Mom" was all it said, and I melted.

  8. I can't help you. I say "unbelievable" over the exact same circumstances day after day after day. My capacity for surprise is infinite apparently.