December 15, 2015

For the person in your life who doesn't need more "stuff"

I've mentioned before how difficult it can be to buy gifts for my beloved Mother-In-Law, as she wants for nothing and needs (nor wants) more "stuff."

This year, when faced with the Christmas gift dilemma, I took a new tack.  I determined that as we are "twins" (we are so alike in so many ways, it's almost eerie!  This post might explain some of the MANY ways in which we are alike), I would buy her a bunch of small things...things that I would like and use and it paid off.

The Husband called me yesterday to tell me that he spoke to his mother and that she RAVED about the package.  Apparently, she particularly loved the fact that each item was individually wrapped.

So in the event you need to buy for that particular person in your life who doesn't need more "stuff" think about buying things they could use, things that are not particularly expensive, but useful.

All of the following were included in my MIL's package:

*  Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark (she has a sweet tooth but she tends to not buy sweets, but I figure at Christmas a little bit of yummy is okay)

*  Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans (that woman loves her coffee, so I felt sure she would love these)

*  Three Books (To Kill A Mockingbird, Go Set a Watchman, The Book Thief) (all excellent reads that I'm sure she'll love as much as I do)

*  A slapped together manicure kit (new emery board, cuticle cream, cuticle tool, sugar scrub, lotion and favorite)

*  A microfiber hair turban (I love these things!)

*  A beautiful plum infinity scarf that I know will complement her coloring

*  Eternity Perfume (I love it, so I'm sure she will as it's not overpowering)

*  A sweet, little planner (she generally uses a freebie bank calendar, I thought this would be nice upgrade)

So here's the take-away...when in doubt about a gift(s) think about what the person can actually USE versus more "stuff."

If it is something that they can use every day, they will be even more appreciative than if you gave them another thing to dust.


  1. I've been very lax in recent years, but I used to call that my care package. All kinds of everyday goodies... socks, pajamas, coffee, hot chocolate, snacks, large packages of toilet paper and even spray peroxide... The (grown) kids loved it.

  2. Blimey - your MIL package put mine to shame, although I did think long and hard about what I was sending.

  3. This is a great idea for most everyone on the list. I always struggle with gifts for my sisters, they already have what they need, I'm saving this for next year!

  4. This is a great idea! I think anyone would love a package made up of these little treats. You are a great daughter in law!