December 27, 2015

I'm cautiously let's make a decorating decision.

The inspection report came back on Christmas Eve.  There are no significant issues with the house; so with any luck the negotiations will go well.  We still need to have the air conditioning looked at - though it appears if there is an issue, it's fairly minor - and the septic inspected.  But again, I'm not expecting anything major to pop up.

With that in mind, I headed out to look for paint.  Why?  Because the house currently has a very, very orange wall.  And while I don't mind a terra cotta color - both that and this orange - are too dark for this space.

Despite that large window, this room is already kind of dark - and that paint does not help.

At first, I thought that I'd go for the most neutral color that we had in our last house.  Sherwin Williams Macadamia, which I love.  But that house had more natural light than this one does...

and as I looked at it in the natural light, I thought it might still be too dark and yellow, hence the paint chip selection (seriously, there is an undertone of yellow in real life).

Although the Husband refused to go with me to look at paint samples, he agreed to look through whatever I chose and help me make a decision.  He immediately reneged on that promise when I showed him the choices....

According to him - they all look the same - what is he blind?!

I a point.  They are all in the same color family.  I'm looking for something that will POP against crisp white trim but not be too dark.

Currently, one of my leading favorites is...

Valspar Cincinnatian Nichols Taupe...which for some reason on the computer looks very similar to the other.
Or Sherwin Williams Renwick Beige

And just like that, I'm now thinking THIS might be my favorite....

It's a bit lighter and not too "cool."

I'm leaning more toward grays and taupe.  My thinking is that we paint the entire house one neutral color and as we begin to decorate each room we can re-evaluate the color as we go...yes, I expect this to be a LONG and on-going process (ssh!  Don't tell the Husband I said that!  I'm sure he expects that we will paint and be done-he's so naive).

So what are your thoughts...yes, I realize the each monitor will reflect the colors differently...but I'm hoping for some kind of consensus...or for you to tell me your favorite color - which may skew my whole choice.  Yes, I'm wishy-washy...especially when it comes to paint.  Normally, I tape all my swatches to the wall and look at them for a few months while I make a decision.  Obviously, I don't have that option this time.

In other news...I have been reminded of what just what a small town this really is....

The other day, I received a text from the woman who owns our first house (who, by the way are now also friends of ours) stating that she'd heard we were moving down the street and wanted to see if it was true.  I assumed my other friend (the only one I've told) shared the news as she lives across the street from her.

Turns out she didn't.  My husband ran into her sister - news seems to travel fast around here.  From what I can gather all of our friends from the old neighborhood seem to already know.

But the reason for the small town comment?  Turns out my friend knows the owners of the house.  It also turns out that when my friend's husband had minor surgery recently, the owner was his nurse while he was in recovery.  As he lay recovering the nurse mentioned to my friend that they would be putting the house on the market and my friend mentioned us and she told her to let us know - hoping that maybe they wouldn't have to put it on the market at all.

Now, that's not how it happened, as my friend's life went sideways for a week or so and she had to fly home to be with her father who was ill.  So the whole thing left her mind as she had more important things to deal with - we just happened to get lucky and see it as soon as it hit the market.  But isn't it funny - what are the odds that my friend would have known the people who own that house?  And had a discussion with them about us?!

I'm beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, this is the house we were meant to have.


  1. Wait... you found a house?!?! YEA!!!!! (Okay, calming my excitement, so as not to jinx it)

    Great story... I like the Valspar. One piece of advice though is PRIMER... that terra cotta is gonna be a PIA to cover, and it will taint whatever color you put over it unless you get a good coat of white under it.

  2. Yep, this sounds like it is the one. I like that third one, and I also think lighter is better. This is so exciting! :-)

  3. I like the lighter colors in the sample pile. They will all look darker on the wall.