December 18, 2015

Road Trip!! Unfortunately, I'm not the one road tripping...

Man-Child came home for the holidays and announced that he and a buddy were taking a road trip.  To New York to catch a Giants game.  Well...technically, to New Jersey (as that's where Giant stadium is...who knew? And Connecticut - as they planned to crash at my brother in law's place).

This announcement did not make much of an impression on me, as I know how these guys work.  Not one of them have any ounce of a planning gene.  They will make these grand announcements about what they are going to do and then it never comes to fruition.  So I figured that nothing much would come of it.

But yet...this time I have been proven wrong (ONCE...only once have I been proven wrong).  Luckily, the weather is supposed to be nice and clear for the weekend.

As of 7:00 am, the boys headed out.  I was a nervous wreck.  That's a long drive - about 12 1/2 hours.  I hid it well - I thought - although I did caution them about stopping often and sharing the driving responsibilities.  The Husband told me to quit "mom-ing" them.  But, as that is a mother's job; I ignored him.  I realize that he is an adult.  I also realize that seeing the Giants play - in real life - IN Giant's stadium has been a life long goal for Man-Child.  But still...a mother worries.

I have just now received word that they have arrived.  *phew*

Tomorrow, he and his buddy plan to see New York City (and yes, I'm just a bit jealous - all while hoping that the Uncle is available to join them to show them the sights.  See?  Lack of planning.  They sprung the fact that they would be crashing at the uncle's house on him just a day or two ago).  And then on Sunday to head over to New Jersey to see the game.

Man-Child told the Husband that he had been saving his quarters for the toll roads...oh how we laughed.  When we told Man-Child that part of our Christmas gift was some cash to fund the trip...he claimed that the gift was too generous because...."surely, he won't need that much in NYC..." and again, we laughed.

Though I worry, I know this will be an eye-opening experience for Man-Child.  He will learn that a 12 1/2 hour drive is long and arduous; and that your buddy?  He can be pretty aggravating when you are stuck in the car with him for hours on end.  And guess what?  He thinks the same of you.  He will learn that a little planning goes a long way.  He will learn to budget on the prudent side...because it will always cost more than you think it will.  And...finally?  He will learn that it is a wonderful thing to make memories and realize your dreams.

So although, I'm not involved in this road trip...the one that has made me a crazy, helicopter mom, I'm glad he's making it.


  1. Yikes! That's a long drive, glad they arrived safely but I know you won't sleep well until he's back.

  2. I sure hope he saved more than quarters... or you gave him a lot of cash! At least he will be staying with someone, that should help the budget.

  3. It's also tough to travel by car at this time of year, when the weather can be so unpredictable. I'll hope all goes well, right along with you! :-)

  4. Road trips? I do not see the appeal. If I had to go 12.5 hours, i'd probably fly. My husband and son have just set off on a two day drive to Colorado (8 hours per day) and they were stoked when they set off this morning. I would have been weeping. No way I'm doing that.

  5. I hope he has the absolute best time! I would be totally worried just like you! Guess what, we barely have any roads that only take quarters! All the tools around here are a minimum of $1.50. I think it is the same in Jersey. I hope his team wins! Merry Christmas, friend.