December 3, 2015


I admit it...I AM a lazy blogger.  Partly because of the house situation (I have nowhere to sit quietly and be productive, usually)  but mostly because I am a lazy blogger.

I've known this since I first jumped head first into blogging (over SIX years ago!!  My how time flies) that I didn't have the time to devote to doing it "right" so I muddled on the best I could.  The few times I've tried to do something technical that a "real" blogger had on his/her blog, I would invariably make a total mess of things.  So I've mainly left things alone.

I haven't even prettied up my template in I couldn't tell you how long.

So why am I talking about this today?  Well, the Husband isn't home (so the house is quiet for the moment) and I read a post today about blogging tips, something which I haven't done in YEARS!  And, apparently, I'm more lazy than I knew.  A couple of the tips, I make a swipe out now and again, but for the most part...nope, I don't do them.

But I will admit that some of her tips are actually really good ones.

Like keeping an actual list of ideas (now that I've got that handy dandy planner to keep everything in one place, maybe I could, theoretically speaking, do this one).

The Project posts that are a big part of her blog would prove problematic for me.  Why?  Because when I get an idea to do something, I just do it and only after it's done (and all photo ops are out of the question by then) does it occur to me that "Oh.  I could have done a post on this."  (Yes, I know...I AM my own worst enemy).  Which leads me to photographs.

I know pictures are a big part of blogging - but rarely do I slap one up.  And if I do?  Well, you can be sure I haven't edited it, slapped a watermark on it or figured out how to make it "Pin-able."  Is this something I'd be willing to address (in the future, when I have more quiet time)?  Possibly.  But, let's be honest here, this is mainly a blog that rambles on and on.  It's not a fashion blog, it's not a lifestyle blog, it's mostly just words falling from my brain to my typing fingers.

I did love the fact that she shared just how her photo editing software of choice (PicMonkey) could do certain things (which, to be honest, when I've seen things like that, I was pretty sure that html coding was involved...who knew it could be so easy?!).

The generating the content part I can do (given enough quiet time), I've got that area, along with the editing, covered (kinda...hey mistakes happen). But the consistency?  Yeah, I've been falling down in that area.  But latter part of December is looking up (hopefully) since I will off work for more than two weeks.  Yes, once again I've too much vacation time left before I lose it.  This is good and bad for multiple reasons.

The responding to comments part is something that I've always had - except, I usually would respond to the person via email (if they have their email attached to their blog).  Recently, I have been attempting to respond via the blog rather than a personal email (how's that working for y'all by the way?), in an effort to show new visitors here (you may not comment, but I know you are looking) that this a place where you can comment and know that I've read it and responded.

I've thought about installing some type of comment widget where you can click a box to be notified that a response has been posted to your comment (does Blogger do this automatically?  I just looked at an old post to see and it seems it does.  Does it work?) like Disqus; but I despise Disqus as a commenter, so I've done nothing in that area (and my laziness is once again laid bare).

And speaking of comments - I have noticed that comments, across the board - not just here, have fallen dramatically.  Even for the "real" bloggers.  Are you finding that to be the case, as well?  I attribute my comment decrease due to the fact that I don't blog as frequently as I should, but can't figure out why comments are down every where else.

So are you a Lazy Blogger like me?  Or, do you know what you are doing?  If so, add your tips in the comments and maybe we will all learn something new.


  1. Interesting and timely post, Gigi. Frankly, I like your blog just the way it is. I expect I'll see it change a little, now, but you don't have to do anything to make me like it better. I mean it. I rarely, if ever, go back to a previous blog post to see if you have responded to my comment. You usually send me a private email, which I prefer. I read almost a hundred blogs, so going back to one is something I don't want to HAVE to do.

    My comments might be off a little, but I don't actually keep track or worry much about it. I've got a "family" of bloggers I care about, and I'm not looking to make it much bigger, since that would mean even MORE time spent staring at a computer screen. But, that said, I don't want to lose any of my family because of neglect. You've got me, Gigi. You don't have to wonder about me. :-)

    1. I never wonder about you, my friend as I count you as part of my "family" of bloggers! I'm not overly worried about comments here, but it just seems that the trend, as a whole, is tapering and it makes me curious. I don't plan on changing much of anything because my blog works for me and I'm pretty happy about it (when I post).

      Although I have been trying to respond through the blog, I know that most people (like me!) don't go back to check for responses to comments - so to that end, if I have your email, I try to respond both privately and through the blog - but that gets exhausting. There has to be a happy medium.

  2. I've gotten so busy with the FQ toxicity groups that I don't even post, but I still try to visit a few blogs in the wee hours, when the group is quieter. I don't go back and check comments to look for responses.