December 20, 2015

Weekend wrap up: The Sunday before Christmas.

As of today, it looks like the majority of the gift buying and wrapping is done!  *whew*

Of course, there is that one elusive present that still needs to be procured.  Which found me driving to the next town over - to the only store that I knew that would carry what I was looking for - only to discover that this store is no more.  Which then found me driving back to our town - all the way on the other end of town - at the mall, no less (I despise going to this mall, you should know), to another that might have what I was looking for - only to find that this store is no longer located at this mall.  *sigh*

After a quick Google search I have determined that there may be another store that might hold what I seek; if not then I have a decision to make...let this one gift go or go on a 4 hour, round trip drive.  Currently, I'm thinking that I'll just let it go.  After all, there are other holidays and birthdays on the horizon.

By all accounts, Man-Child had a wonderful time in NYC yesterday.  Although, it appears that somehow they walked to Brooklyn and back.  This is based on watching his checking account.  But surely, that can't be right.  I'm thinking maybe they ate at a chain that is based in Brooklyn.  Ahh, what do I know?  I know nothing about NYC and the surrounding area.  But even the Husband (an NY native) asked, "How the hell did they end up in Brooklyn?!  They would have had to cross a bridge!"

At any rate, they ended up back at the brother-in-law's late last night.  Today found them in New Jersey to watch the Giants game.  Unfortunately, the Giants lost - but, according to the Husband, it was a great game.  And Man-Child has informed me via text that he had an "amazing time."

Tomorrow they begin their journey home.  And once they are back on home soil, I will rest a little easier.  Fortunately, the forecast continues to be in their favor.

Other than that elusive present mentioned above, there are only a few stocking stuffers left to purchase.

Despite having the majority of the Christmas shopping/wrapping done, I feel so far behind this year.  I have a feeling that if I looked back that this would be the case for most years. Do we ever feel ahead of the game when it comes to Christmas?  I think not.

Speaking of gifts, I mentioned - via text - to one of my best friends that we have a contract to buy a house in the neighborhood that adjoins hers (one we used to live in) and her response was so over the top that I think we have just given her the best Christmas present ever.

That was one of the reasons we considered this house.  We know several people in the adjoining neighborhood.  We would have a built in social circle.  I hate to wish my life away, but truly?  I'm ready to have this move (if it happens!) behind us.


  1. Yes, this is sounding more and more like THE house. And I do hope MC gets home soon so you can relax. :-)

  2. Here's to a safe trip home for MC... so momma can relax!