December 5, 2015

...and the Christmas crunch time is on!

Every single work day last week, the Husband had to literally drag me out of bed, so yesterday I predicted that I wouldn't be able to sleep in today...and I was right; my eyeballs snapped open at 5:30 am.

I think that may have something to do with the fact that I am soooo far behind on Christmas prep.

Today has been productive but I still don't seem to be any closer to the bottom of my list...but there's always tomorrow.

Today I was able to get the house semi-clean (in this area it always seems that it's one step forward and two steps back; the result of living with other people) and the laundry half-way done.  I also figured that today would be a good day to make cookies for our offices.  So after 82 chocolate chip and 43 peanut butter cookies were made - as I was dividing them up for our respective offices, the Husband reminded me that he is on vacation next week...oh  well, I guess my office will REALLY love me as they will benefit from his vacation.

We also bought our Christmas tree only took going to THREE different lots!  Most of the trees we were seeing were either huge or were Charlie Brown Christmas trees.  Condo life means that we can't accommodate a huge tree but still...we wanted a decent tree.  We eventually found one that would easily fit (kinda, with a little tweaking) in our living room without being overwhelming...

By the way, this is one of my pet peeves about decorating...scale is important and there are a lot of people out there who don't seem to realize it.  Yes, I am happy they are in the spirit and making their home festive...but a teeny-tiny wreath perched on top of a huge, two car garage just makes me shake my head.  Scale,'s all about scale.  And don't get me started on the lights...


The local Greek church was hosting a craft and pastry sale today and after Man-Child had raved about the baklava when we attended the festival earlier this year and after I fell in love with Spanokopita enough to try and make it myself I knew I had to make time to stop by.  My original plan was to buy the goodies and take a trip up the mountain to visit Man-Child tomorrow to surprise him with the baklava; but he informed me last night that he had many plans this weekend - so instead the baklava has been frozen for a later time.  But the Husband and I have already dug into the Spanokopita - it really is heavenly.

Later, while I was out (running to pick up some plastic ware for the bakvala - because the Husband sent just about EVERY piece we own with Man-Child loaded with Thanksgiving leftovers; which was another reason I'd planned to get our stuff back!) the Husband took it upon himself to put the lights on the tree AND he did it the way I "suggested" (what a guy!).  I plan to finish the tree some time tomorrow, I hope.

Despite being behind the eight ball as far as most of the gifts on my list go, I am done with shopping for my mother-in-law, so tonight I wrapped gifts, as they need to be shipped soon - considering the trouble we've had with shipping her Mother's Day and birthday gifts this year - which really?  I've been sending this woman packages for almost 24 years without a problem and suddenly this year her local post office can't find her!?

Since my plans have changed, maybe tomorrow will be even more productive...but hopefully, my eyes won't snap open until 7:00 am (how sad is it, that I think of 7:00 am as sleeping in?). far along are you in your Christmas prep?


  1. Well, for me, 7:00 really IS sleeping in. I wake up between 5 and 5:30 without any prompting. Mostly. Love the fact that your tree is up and almost finished! :-)

  2. You'd croak if you heard my sleep schedule... but I don't work.