December 2, 2015

Another "Gigi" moment...x 1,000

Throughout our entire relationship, the Husband has consistently maintained that I have "blonde roots" (apologies to my blonde readers)...up until now I have vehemently denied this allegation.  I am a smart (unless math is involved), fairly confident (except for those certain days), emotionally strong (mostly) woman.

I am NOT space-y.

Usually (unless you have read some of my older posts where I have admitted my failings to the world at large. I 'm not providing links because I have my pride, doncha know)...

But today?  Today I might have to own up to those blonde roots.

For the past year six months, I have been waging an EPIC battle with CommentLuv (by the way, that battle?  It's been in my mind, I've never actually taken this up with CommentLuv...THANK GOD!).  I have been ALL over the internet trying to figure out the answer to my problem for the past year six months.

My problem?

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I tried to leave a comment on a blog that uses CommentLuv I would receive the following error message....

Basically, it's telling me that my blog doesn't exist...HOW does that happen?!
Can you spot the problem?

I didn't...until today...

Still not getting it?

That's took me a year a little while too...take a closer look

Does that look right??, it does not

NOW it becomes clear...

I am an idiot.  I have been driving myself completely crazy...only to realize that I, apparently, can't remember my own damn web address for my blog.


The Husband wins this round; but in the interest of preserving my sanity...let's just keep this between us. Okay?!


  1. Oh, that's funny! But also an innocent mistake. Laughing a little, just a teeny bit. :-)

  2. Oh, go ahead...laugh out loud. I did once I realized how stupid I've been for so long!

  3. Ha! At least you figured it out... eventually! All my comments get failure notices, because of Yahoo, which means people don't even get my comments. Oh well.

    1. I'm beginning to think you need to drop Yahoo like a hot potato...this has been going on for far too long!