March 26, 2018

A rambling post...we haven't one of these in a while

There is much I want to share and I could probably make each thing its very own post - but we are talking about me here so that would probably never happen and that's why you are getting a post in "bits."


I think I have FINALLY found a cure for the hiccups!  Of course, I am totally jinxing myself here as this particular cure has only been utilized once.  But try it for yourself and tell me the results.

A huge, heaping tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter - the crunch part being crucial; because I've tried this with creamy without the same results.  But when using the crunchy I experienced IMMEDIATE results.

As we all know, I DESPISE the hiccups - so this was a huge relief to be able to get rid of them within moments of them starting.


Earrings.  Hands up...who knew that not all earring posts were not created equal?

Not me.

So I asked for sterling silver hoops for Christmas because my go to, every day hoops were showing their age (much like I am of late).  I asked for them because I know myself...if I were to shop for them myself I would look for the EXACT REPLICA of what I already had.  And given how old those earrings were I'd still be looking...because they don't exist today.

The Husband produced the perfect pair for Christmas morning (yes, I AM pulling material from nearly four months ago!).  Which is when I discovered the discrepancy in earring posts.  And that is when I had to re-pierce my ears in order to actually wear the new earrings.

And here's the moral to that bit of randomness...change up your earrings every once in a while...because those posts?  There isn't an industry standard.


Shall we talk about driving etiquette?  Friday, as I was behind a giant - and slow moving garbage truck - the person behind me determined that somehow his tailgating me could make everything move at a quicker pace.  Considering we were on neighborhood roads, with no passing, this wasn't possible.  As soon as we turned onto a two lane boulevard this person sped ahead of us all. on your way and leave the rest of us alone.

The irony?  About ten miles up the road?  I found myself immediately behind him at a red light.  His impatience and anxiety was for naught...we both arrived at our destination at the same time (apparently, Mr. Impatient works in the same building as I do).

And speaking of driving etiquette...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD what is it going to take to make people use their turn signals? It is one of my biggest pet peeves.



Yes, it's been a while since there has been an update on this front.  As some of you so astutely noticed in my last post yes...he has found a job.

He is currently working as a PE teacher for an elementary school about an hour from here.  Some days he seems to love it; other days not so much.

Apparently, these poor kids have been rotating through substitutes like nobody's business.  This means that MC's charges are used to no discipline (according to him).

This is not his dream job and I expect he will be keeping his eyes open for a job that will allow him to coach within the next year or so.


The Husband just complained about why manufacturers put that thin, metal piece over the opening of various tubes.  This was my time to shine.

I took the tube and lid from him and using the lid pierced the thin, metal piece.  He was AMAZED and asked how I knew to do that - for the life of me I can't remember how I learned that but I'm sure it's because I was reading the directions...something he rarely does.

I asked him how he had been opening these tubes all these years and he said, "With a knife."  Well...that totally explains all of the many cuts to his hands over the years.


I found a new bra that I *could* love - if it fit properly.  Amy, from A My Name Is Amy recommended the Spanx Bra-llelujah bra which I found in a local store on sale and while it IS more comfortable than any other bra I have tried, it rides up a bit.  And given that this bra does not have an adjustable back hooks or straps that is hard to overlook for me.  I finally gave in and ordered (at full price) a smaller band size with larger cups.  While that one fits pretty well it's a tad constricting...which leads me to believe that I am an in-between size.  So I am considering a different style of Spanx which lets me adjust as needed, I'll report back.

In the meantime, I can't wait for the one in the smaller band size to stretch out just a bit, as most bras do; then I think I will have found THE perfect bra.

I did hear great things about Walcoal - but I tried on a few yesterday and did not find them comfortable AT ALL.  So what about you?  In your opinion what is the most comfortable bra - because now I am on a mission here...


  1. I rarely get the hiccups but will try to remember your cure if I need it. I do hope MC gets a job he loves, but it's good for his students that they have him for now. And some people really cannot stand to have anyone in front of them on the road! :-)

  2. Maybe because I grew up in Europe, and maybe because my husband is from the northeast, but I have a TON of driving pet peeves: slow drivers, drivers who come to a complete stop to execute a simple right turn, drivers who slow and speed because they are on their phones completely oblivious to how they're driving, drivers who are so hesitant about moving into traffic or drivers who come to a complete stop on a merging lane.

    See? I could go on, but I won't. I don't want you to think I am a grumpy person. Because I'm not ... ;-)