March 6, 2018

Not to be a whiner BUT...A complaint or two...

Without going into a lot of detail, a new person has been hired.  The problem?  This person should have more than a basic level of working knowledge of Word - but less than an intermediate level of working knowledge.

It has become quite apparent that this person has the very basic level of working knowledge of Word.  And also does not seem to be very confident or sure of the knowledge a person in this position should have.

Why this irritates me.  This person has a degree and should have all the aforementioned knowledge but because of the degree this person was not subject to a proficiency test prior to hiring.  Because this person was exempt from such a test we are now stuck with them.  At least until their incompetence becomes clear to management or until they decide they are too overwhelmed and quit - both scenarios are unlikely due to many different factors.

Another reason this irritates?  Because if I were this incompetent I would have been gone years ago.

My second nit...

Yet another car of ours has been recalled due to defective airbags.

WHY?!  But that isn't the kernel of the problem.  Today I called the local dealership to make an appointment to have this issue resolved.  I wanted to schedule an appointment for Saturday because the car in question is Man-Child's...who is currently working two counties away; which equates to about an hour from the house.

I was informed that "they don't do those types of repairs on Saturday."  Because "Saturday's are our busiest days...and those repairs take at least 120 minutes" (and why are they giving me the time in minutes?  To make me feel better about being without a car for two hours?).

Again, Man-Child works an hour away.  And he's a teacher.  AND he's a new teacher that has been on the job for only a few weeks.  So he can't, as they so helpfully suggested, "adjust" his work schedule.

So basically this car company has installed defective equipment and the affiliated dealership doesn't want to accommodate those that have been affected.  Oh sure, they'll fix it...but on their terms.



  1. Congrats to your son on the teaching position! Car issues are such a pain and so are incompetent coworkers!!

  2. I had to take my car in three separate times for two airbags. I think it's awful that the dealer can't accommodate someone on a Saturday when you have such issues. But I too congratulate M-C on his teaching position. :-)

  3. I think that the more technology they add to cars, the more things are likely to break. Give me simple ...