March 30, 2018

I had my toes done with THE most unlikely companion...

Spring is definitely here (I know I'm jinxing this as I type) in North Carolina.  Sandal Season is upon us and I needed a pedicure in the worst way.  My usual companion in this particular endeavor was not available due to having company.

I WILL have my toes done by myself but I prefer to have a companion.  Particularly, if that company is more outgoing than me and will carry the majority of the chit-chat that seems to accompany such an endeavor.

After I had determined that I would be going no matter what; I texted The Husband...

I'm as shocked as you are.

The fact that he'd even consider it amazed me.  I know he has been complaining about having a difficulty in trimming his nails lately - but I didn't realize it had become such an issue that he'd contemplate actually going to a salon to get them done.

I will say, I DID have to do some fast talking to actually get him to go.  He swore that if they turned him away that he would never speak to me again.  I assured him they would not turn him away.

His trepidation was palpable when we walked in; but the receptionist was kind and greeted us warmly.  As I knew they would.  I was directed to pick out my polish and The Husband blindly followed, I informed him that he could skip this step - unless he wanted it, the receptionist joked.

I had wrongly assumed that the middle of the afternoon on a Friday before a holiday that the salon would be slow.  It seems everyone and God had the afternoon off and had descended upon this particular salon.

I picked out my polish and we waited.  I could sense his nervousness ratcheting up as the wait continued.  Eventually, we were asked to take our seats.

And then we sat. And sat. And sat.  And then, sat some more.  The Husband was coming unglued at this point.  He was ready to just walk out.  I talked Mr. Impatient (yes, that IS his actual nickname around here) into waiting just a bit longer.

Eventually, the two technicians showed up and prepared to do our feet.  Mine started about ten minutes before his - which irked him even more.  What he didn't understand, this worked out for the best because I had polish that needed to dry.  When his technician showed up, he told her "I just want my nails cut, nothing fancy!"  Because he was DONE with this salon business.  She, of course, ignored him.  She also told him, that he would have to wait on me anyway so why not get the whole kit and kaboodle?  Basically, she held him hostage; bless her.

As I went off to dry, he sat back and enjoyed the full benefits of a pedicure.  After it was all said and done and we were walking to the car I asked him what he thought.  He was extremely displeased with the wait - but then again, I AM married to Mr. Impatient; but he enjoyed it once it started.  I also noted that he took a picture - I, of course, was forbidden from taking pictures because he "didn't want this plastered ALL OVER the internet" - which he sent to his daughter - who might well plaster this all over the internet before it's all said and done.  He was really pleased with the results.  He also stated that he would do it again IF, and only IF, we had an appointment so we didn't have to wait.

I have a feeling that the next time I need a pedicure and a buddy to accompany me, he will fill the long as I pay and he doesn't have to see the receipt.  Because his thoughts on spending $25 dollars to get your toes unprintable.  But as I told him, spending time with your wife doing something enjoyable/beneficial for the both of you is priceless.

He's not quite as on board with that idea as I'd like...but he's getting there.


  1. I cannot in my wildest fantasy see my husband going to a salon. I always pick a time when I know it will be slow, and if the parking lot is full when I get there, I will come back another time. I also hate to wait. :-)

  2. I am married to your husband's long lost impatient twin! I'm glad it worked out. I can't see Coach ever agreeing to it. I don't get my nails done very often, but I got a gift-card a few years ago. I managed to squeeze a few pedicures out of that gift. When the receptionist asked me when my last pedicure was, she almost fell over when I said '9 years.'