March 14, 2018

In today's news of random, semi-creepy coincidences...

So this morning - this very, very COLD morning (where are you Spring?) - my Keurig decided that it was out of the coffee making business.

I tried all my usual tricks to get that sucker up and running but it was having none of it.  In a snit, I headed off to get ready for the day.  The Husband, knowing how much I need my coffee in the morning because he loves me so VERY much continued to futz about with the machine until he was able to produce one glorious cup of coffee for me.

I have since googled it and have added a few new tricks to my bag to extend the life of that ONE YEAR old coffee maker.  I also discovered that there are commercial kits out there so that you don't have to go through any nonsense to keep your Keurig running like new - information that would, you know, be USEFUL to include in the Keurig User Manual (just saying Keurig...)

How many times can I say Keurig in one paragraph?

At any rate, while I was enjoying that one cup of coffee that required The Husband to move mountains to produce, I noticed a new email notification letting me know that there was a new comment on one of my posts.  As you can imagine, if you blog, it made me smile...comments always make me smile.  Until I opened it.  Then I had to laugh out loud.  And then, I got a creepy little shiver.

(I re-typed it in order to make sure the links were removed).

Pawan Sharma has left a new comment on your post "HAPPY NEW YEAR! And, apparently, I work with disg...":

This is a better than average read for me, That You Must concede are outstanding amongst other bloggers I saw.  A debt of gratitude is in order for posting this useful article.

Visit us today for coffee machine repair service.

Aside from the over the top flattery designed to make me dearly want to click the link, what made me shiver?  The fact that the spam link said COFFEE MACHINE REPAIR.  

What?  Is my Keurig now announcing to the whole internet that it is tired of my eternal coffee making demands, thus opening the door to this kind of spam?  


  1. Did you go looking online for a fix? If so, that's where the spam found out what you were looking for. I think I've had that same spammer show up on my posts. I blocked and deleted the whole mess. Oh, and thank you to the hubby for getting you the coffee! :-)

    1. I did...but hours after that comment came in

    2. That IS crazy! Glad you got your coffee but is big brother watching, or what????

  2. Okay, that is a little creepy!

    So, our kuerig quit within a year of purchasing it. I called the 1-800 number, they sent me some part to fix it, when that didn't work they sent me a brand new machine.