May 2, 2011

Reason Number 5,891 I love living in the South....or It's a Two'fer (two posts in one night)

I was born and raised in the "South."

Say what you will, but the majority of Texans will tell you they are from the "South" - not the "Southwest" as others might say (usually "Yankees."  Hey, don't hate me!  I love me some Yankees, I even married one!).

The exchange I just now (this very minute!) overheard by some neighbors reminded me of why I so love the South.....

Neighbor-Man said to his visitor, "Y'all come back now!"  To which the visitor replied, while revving his truck engine as much as possible,

"Oh, I'll be back.  I'll be back on Thursday!"  Then, revving that truck engine some more, sped away.

I can't wait to see what Thursday brings!

And, if I were Pearl - the ever-vigilant note- keeper of people watching and able to craft a story around this - I soooooo would!  Take it and run, Pearl!  This is people-watching (or overhearing) at it's finest!

And??  As an update?  Just watched said visitor drive away from Neighbor-Man's house only to watch him arrive at his own house - three houses away.

It appears that frivolity is back!


  1. And he actually had to drive? I thought I was lazy!

  2. We southerners are a friendly bunch for the most part!!

    It's driving my daughter nuts that Bryson is saying "you guy"...he's picked it up at school.

  3. I love the south and miss it dearly when I am not there! SOuthern hospitality does not exist in OH. sigh....but I am not going to let it change me! I can start a revolution here by myself LOL ;)

  4. Ok...I just LEFT the South and I SOHAPPY I don't have to deal with the hot summer this year!

    To each their own, I know. But...anyway. Just sayin. :) <--- that's me!

  5. Haha...people are unbelievable aren't they. :)