March 14, 2012

Apparently, I'm not "average".....or, the "average" woman is a lightweight.

Overheard while walking through the kitchen as Hubby is watching television in the living room....

"How many pairs of shoes does the average woman own?" (said by Steve Harvey of the Family Feud - who, by the way, is the PERFECT host for this show)

The contestant mumbles her answer....and Steve Harvey booms out "TWENTY-FOUR!  Survey SAYS? Twenty-four IS the number one answer!" (ding, ding, ding!  lights flash and alarms sound)

To which I reply to the television, "Then apparently SHE (the average woman) is a lightweight!"

At last count (which was done approximately two seconds ago), I have around eighty-nine pairs of shoes (and that's not even counting the various types of slippers (WHAT?! You need "summer" and "winter" slippers!  Hmmmm, now wondering if "slipper" socks count as shoes?  If so, the number might go up a few digits....) or the miscellaneous pairs that are lurking downstairs in the mudroom or garage that are used for just normal, every day kicking around.

Don't believe me?  Here's the proof of what is currently residing in my closet.

Sorry for the mess - but this is what I have to live with until the "shoe wall" finally gets built....but the pink stripes are place; just waiting.  See why he needs to hurry up and find a job?

This doesn't even showcase the shoes behind me that I forgot to memorialize in digital form.
My shoe budget has been SEVERELY limited due to Hubby's unemployment....much to the disappointment of my beautiful step-daughter - as she has been the recipient of many of my impulse purchases that didn't work out as planned.  Also the famous "shoe wall" that I was going to have him build has been put on hold indefinitely - which is why my shoes are so disorganized.

Excessive?  No, I don't think so.  Especially when I consider what all is MISSING from my collection..... *sigh* and the fact that I need EVERY. SINGLE. PAIR. of those shoes.

Otherwise, how ELSE would I ever get dressed in the morning?  Because EVERYONE knows you ALWAYS plan your outfit around the shoes.  Just ask Dorothy....or Cinderella....


  1. i'm not worthy. i only have about 25 pairs of shoes. in my defense, i just got rid of a ton that i hadn't worn in years. and by a ton, i mean about 10 pairs.
    you have a lot of shoes!!

  2. I am not a shoe hound but I love me a good bag/purse and jackets/coats. But I think Family Feud was way off on that number. They must have interviewed men for that question who just guessed a number.

  3. Goodness, Gigi... are you related to Imelda Marcos?

  4. I am not a shoe person, but I sure know people who are. You are definitely one! What I want to know is, do they all fit? I have shoes in my closet that I don't wear because they make my feet hurt. I don't know why I don't give them away... maybe I will, now that I've seen your closet! :-)

  5. Cracking up*** I have about 20 or so...

  6. I own probably 12 pairs of shoes/boots/sandals. But, that being said, I wear size 11 and they're sometimes hard to find and with my RA, I need something comfortable, otherwise, it causes my ankle, knee & hip joints to hurt.

  7. Ha, nice shoes.

    I have the same problem with buying books...

  8. Wow Gigi...that's an impressive shoe collection! Going to show the picture to the husband so he knows my shoe buying could be worse...

  9. Shoes! I have a lot of them but end up wearing the same pair over and over again.

    Stopping buy to say Hi! So glad to see you dropped by this morning!

  10. What?!! :-) Oh, girl...

    I know I have less than 20, and seven of those pairs are at work!


  11. Holy cow, that's a lot of shoes! I have around 20 pairs. I just got rid of ten pairs of shoes. Two went in the trash because they were so worn out. The others went to Goodwill.

  12. Holy cow, that's a lot of shoes! I have around 20 pairs. I just got rid of ten pairs of shoes. Two went in the trash because they were so worn out. The others went to Goodwill.