March 23, 2012

Well NO WONDER this house has been without luck lately!

Our "lucky" bamboo plant has been looking quite sickly lately.

Today was the day to figure out what was wrong with it.  I attempted to pull it out of the pot.  No luck.  I put both my feet on the rim of the pot and pulled - still nothing.  I tried digging around the edges - with no success.

In the end, I had to smash the pot on the driveway to retrieve it.  And this is what I found.

It was completely and totally root bound.  Yes, those are the roots.  Orange and in the exact same size and shape of the smashed pot.

That explains EVERYTHING.

Now the bamboo is happily settled into a bigger pot and it's roots are roaming free.  Let's see what happens.


  1. You broke the pot? Couldn't you just wet it and let it soften a little? Poor pot.

  2. Ah, the constriction has been set free to... find out what's next! I think this is a great development, and I look forward to seeing what happens. :-)

  3. I get the feeling that luck is about to spring forth, Gigi...

    Then again, don't they say that when you break a bamboo pot you get 7 years of bad luck?

  4. Wow, all that is roots??? Hopefully now you will have some more luck! ;)
    P.S. The Paris pics you "requested" on my blog are already up...check out the previous post.

  5. So how did it feel to smash the pot to smithereens? I'm guessing it felt good, really good. Did you look for other things you could smash too?

  6. Ha...that's so funny!

    I was just looking at some of our plants and thinking that they need to be re-potted. I think you just motivated me!

  7. haha I can't be trusted with plants. I would not have thought to replant it...or water it.