March 12, 2012

The boys are back in town (yes, I know. Now that song is stuck in YOUR head too!)

The guys are home - now I can get a decent night's sleep.

WAY, WAY back in the day (i.e., when I was single), I never had a problem sleeping in an empty house/apartment.  But now?

After 20 plus years (really? Already?) of having someone else in the house - even if it was only an infant (only WAY back in the day) I seem to jump at every noise.  Hence, the not so good sleep of the past couple of nights.

Let's not even talk about how nerve racking taking a shower in an empty house can be! (Yes, that would be me - making sure ALL the doors are locked prior to jumping in for a VERY quick shower.....including the ones to the bedroom AND the bathroom - yes, I DO realize the absurdity of the fact that if they make it through the deadbolts downstairs they will NOT be confounded by the thumb locks on the interior doors - just let me have whatever gives me peace of mind).

But the very best part of having the guys home?  I get my car back.  (Yes, the very same car that I am convinced is a deathtrap will be the one that lands me in a serious accident.  Why?  Because apparently some genius decided that the frame of the car - at least around the windshield and side windows should be EXTRA wide.  To the point that I've almost run innocent pedestrians over many times because I couldn't see them - because they were hidden behind the EXTRA wide frame.  SORRY folks - no need to get snippy and flip me off, I couldn't SEE you hidden there).

See, the boys took my car on their little trip - to save gas.  Because Hubby drives a BEHEMOTH truck.  One that kinda looks like this.....

I didn't really mind driving the truck.  It drives great.  It has horrible gas mileage ($30 of gas gave me barely a quarter of a tank).  But the problem(s)?

The problem with Hubby's truck - other than the fact that it took me the entire weekend getting used to keeping that sucker in my lane?

First there is the fact that the driver's side window will NOT roll down more than a quarter of an inch (do you KNOW how detrimental this is when trying to order a diet Coke while in the drive through lane?) and then we throw in the added complication that the electric doohickey that let's you adjust the side mirrors has also quit working.

Then throw in the knowledge that backing this sucker up (without the added benefit of being able to utilize the side mirrors) is a pain in the you-know-what (to be honest, even WITH the side mirrors being readily available - it's STILL next to impossible to back this thing up).

Which pretty much meant that everywhere I went, I had to make sure I found a parking space that I could "pull forward."  And do you know HOW impossible those spots are to find when going to the local fast food joint to JUST get a diet Coke?

TOTALLY impossible, just for the record.

So now that they are home, tomorrow I will joyfully get back in my deathtrap car and get back on the road.

So if you are in my area and walking - be aware.  Be VERY aware.


  1. My little SUV has a blind spot and I'm already short. I haven't taken anyone out, yet, but I have to be very careful. Hard to believe I used to drive a big, ol' Suburban around, with 4 kids. I don't think I could do it, now.

  2. My little hybrid has a big bar across the rear window - it took me forever to get used to it. However, $30 of gas is a FULL tank and I can drive about 450 miles on that - so I got used to that little quirk pretty quickly! I can't imagine little you driving that big old truck!

    I'm the same way on the rare occasions I'm at home alone. I jump at every little sound.

    And yes, I DO have that song stuck in my head now!

  3. You are funny Gigi!!
    But I understand the NEED for the Diet Coke!!

  4. Ha. I also love my Diet Coke.

    Yeah, my husband has a truck. I want to cry when he fills it up with gas now.

  5. I understand the showering when you are home alone. I hate it.I have a jetted tub in the basement that i won't use when I'm here alone because I know as soon as I turn on the jets, that's when the serial killer will come in. They just know these things.

  6. I read this as soon as you posted it, but once again life called me away from my precious computer. *sigh* I thought about you last night as I was driving Chris' SUV. I cannot back that thing out of a parking space without looking completely incompetent. It's so freakin' big and wide and I can't see out the mirrors the right way and it's just so big! Ugh.

    Glad everyone made it home safe and sound and that you can now shower and sleep without worry. :)