March 22, 2012

Sometimes the early bird gets the parking spot....dammit.

It's only a parking spot.....or is it?

The company I work for has its own building, which means we have our own parking lot.  There is no "assigned" parking - except for the executives.  They have "reserved" parking at the very front of the building, of course.  They have chosen their spots and they all park - without exception - in the same spot every day.  

Which makes it easy for us peons to spot just which executives are in the building at any given time and might notice if we happen to be running a bit late; which gives us time to plan our evasive measures of making it to our desks unnoticed.

As I said, there is no "assigned" parking....but the rest of us pretty much follow the executives example and tend to park in the same place every day - we kind of look at it as a "perk" - sure it's not as grand as having your own "reserved" spot, but still it's something.  Plus it makes it easy to find your car when you stumble out of the building, blinking furiously in the sunshine after spending a mind-numbing day bathed in florescent light.

When I first started with the company over ten (!) years ago, I parked in a particular spot in the far end of the parking lot because it granted me easy access to my area.

Then about six or seven years ago when I moved into this department, I began parking in another area of the parking lot which was more convenient to my new area in the building.  

I can say with absolute certainty that I have been parking in the exact same spot for well over five years.  It is ingrained upon my very soul to park there.  In fact, my car has also absorbed this knowledge and will direct itself to that spot every morning as I drive into work half asleep and in desperate need of more caffeine.

Until recently, when my car self-guided itself to MY spot....only to discover another car there.

Someone has decided that "my" spot has now become "their" spot.  This is not acceptable to me.

At first I thought that it was surely a "new hire" and that they would randomly roam around the parking lot until they found a convenient spot.

Until I happened to arrive early one day and notice the person exiting their car - the very same car which was parked in MY spot and I realized that not only was it NOT a new hire but it was someone who had been here longer than me.  And hadn't changed positions recently. As far as I know, this person is still in the same area she's always been in.  What's the deal?  Why the sudden urge to park in MY spot? 

I was livid and plotting revenge

But what to do?  Something that wouldn't end up being an "issue" for HR?  Well, with that for criteria, all my dreams for revenge pretty much went up in smoke.

So, I gritted my teeth and dealt with it.  While trying to get to work earlier than her in order to claim MY spot.

And then?  Within the last month or so I witnessed something else.

Someone else - who has ALSO been with the company forever - has been vying for that exact same spot.

So now, I'm fighting TWO people for MY spot.  The spot I've had for over FIVE years.

And this new contender?  Her hours are earlier than mine.  The odds of me beating her to my spot are slim.  Unless I commit myself to getting up and out a full HOUR earlier.  

I guess I'm gonna have to find a new spot....or get out there this weekend and spray paint "RESERVED" on that spot.  Without security catching me on video.

I'm thinking y'all might want to start taking up a collection for the bail money now.....


  1. Bwhaha Oh this made me laugh out loud. I have to tell you this is exactly the kind of stuff that makes me crazy....and that I love to read! Keep fighting for that spot baby!
    I'm tweeting this one for you baby:)

  2. Oh no she dinnt! What is wrong with these women? Don't they know that it is YOUR spot?! *sigh* Some people need some serious schooling in the ways of the world. I think you need to take some shoe polish with you and mark up their windows letting them know they're parking in violation.

  3. I hope you figure out what's going on. What's so different about that spot? And why do you suddenly have other people vying for it?

  4. You failed to mention who you took the prime location from, that has now been taken from you. Don't hurt anyone trying to get it back! LOL!

  5. Gr, I'd be annoyed too. Maybe get some chalk and write GIGI'S SPOT?

  6. This made me laugh out loud! I would feel the exact same way. What's wrong with people??!! You should print out this post and stick it under their windshield wiper...hint, hint!

  7. I'm angry on your behalf that they're taking your spot. I think you should key her car and blame it on the "damn kids" and convince her to park further away. That'll work, right?

  8. LOL! The title alone had me cracking up! You are TOO FUNNY! I love laughing at your life! LOL!