July 11, 2010


Today, you get a two-fer!  Why? Because other than gadding about the state of North Carolina, I spent a lot of time reading (surprise) while on vacation.  And I have just finished Caught by Harlan Coben.

I finished this book in under two days, it was that good.  Come to think of it, most everything I've read by Harlan Coben is that good.  I am guessing the only reason he hasn't been added to the Books I Love Enough To Tell You About tab is because I haven't reviewed/read any of his work since I started doing this.  But now he has!  I'm sure he's very proud of this accomplishment; even more so than his status as a #1 New York Times author.

The story is set in a suburban New Jersey town and begins with a narration from a central character.  From there the book begins with a mother discovering that her 17 year old daughter never came home from the night before.  Every parent's nightmare.

The story also centers on a reporter whose news programs televises sting operations to bring down sexual predators (ala NBC's To Catch a Predator series).  Her latest sting becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined and much to the surprise of this reader the plot becomes quite twisted so that when you think you know how the story is going, after a few pages you realize you were wrong.

What I also found fascinating was the way viral marketing and blogging was utilized in the story.  Obviously, my mind doesn't work this way so I would have never thought about using the Internet in such a way.  Sorry, I can't say more on the subject because that would give away too much.

It is a story about loss, love, guilt and forgiveness.  It is also a book that reminds us, sometimes there is more to a news story than first meets the eye.


  1. WAY cool, sweetie. He sounds like a great author. If I EVER get back to reading regularly (I'm ashamed to say how long it's been since I've really sat and just READ), I'll def. give him a read.

  2. Sounds soo good! I can't seem to read very quickly though... I've got a stack of brand new books that I have yet to crack. Is it available on audio book? LOL

  3. Sounds like my kind of book, only problem is I rarely have time to read these days, with work and blogging there is so little time left! Thanks for your comment, Gigi, the link for the vote is on the top left of the page, but the fact you even considered voting, means a lot to me, so thank you xx

  4. I will put it on my list for the bookstore. I hope it's in paperback, and if so I'll snap it up. I was the same way with the Stieg Larsson books, too: couldn't put them down and read them in two days.

  5. GiGi, you are not going to believe this.
    I'm finishing up my second book this morning and trying to meet a deadline, but took a quick break to visit a couple of blogs and yours was one.
    Not only did I feel like I was being whipped for blog viewing when I should be writing, but to hear you talk about the author gave me the kick I needed to get back to writing and a desire to write GREAT books.
    Love ya, girl and thanks for the encouragement you had no idea you would be giving to me.
    Gotta love blogging!

  6. I think I would like to read it. I am definitely intrigued by your review!

  7. Sounds just like something I would love to read!!

  8. I'll have to check this out. I read a lot myself and am always looking for a new author!


  9. Oh it does sound like a good read. Love the viral marketing angle!
    Hope you are enjoying your vacay!

  10. I've never heard of the author before, but it sounds like I should go out and find that book!

  11. I've never read Coben, but will put this one on my list. I like it when the author keeps you on your toes, taking the plot in unexpected directions. Thanks for the review!