July 1, 2010

Apparently, Thursdays are NOT big online nights.....

As it is increasingly evident that no one is out there tonight.  *tap, tap - is this thing on?*

Today did not start out well, since I woke up gleefully convinced it was Friday.  

It isn't.

The realization of which just crushed me.

The day proceeded along just fine.  For about three minutes, I think.

I have decided that my company should be giving me two paychecks instead of the one.


Because in addition to my regular duties I have apparently become our department's own personal help desk.

Can't figure out how to cut and paste?  Ask Gigi.  Can't figure out how to load the paper in your new printer?  Ask Gigi.  Can't figure out how to recover your 300 page document - that you neglected to save before turning off your computer?  Ask Gigi (and she will pretty much tell you that you are screwed....)

Today it was the printer/copier.  Apparently, because I requested this thing of beauty (which it actually is) I have become the sole owner and maintenance mechanic.

What people consistently fail to do is ask when they need help. No.  Rather than go and ask how to do something - they would rather push buttons randomly until they jam the whole thing up so completely that it is now of no use to anyone - instead of not just working for them. 

Then, and only then, do they think it is prudent to point out - yes, to me - that there is a problem.

So I spent the majority of my day dealing with the copier/printer.  While listening to the injured party go on and on about deadlines.  As an FYI?  Your deadlines are not MY problem.

As miracles do happen - we were able to solve the problem at 4:55 pm. Thank God, because seriously? I couldn't have dealt with it much longer without wine.

My next request to management?  A phone in the area where the copier/printer is located.  Because that would be immensely helpful so that next time maybe - just maybe - people won't just start pushing buttons randomly (which for your information never works).

And that one little button on the control screen?  Apparently needs a sign that says DO NOT PUSH ME!  Because if you do - the whole office comes to a standstill.

So my job for tomorrow?  To make that sign.


  1. I am the help desk person at our office too. We actually have a help desk team and I am one of them. I always tell people, the problem with your computer usually starts with what is between the screen and the back of your chair. It takes them a while, but they eventually figure out that I mean them!!

    Me: Hello, did you try the power button -

    Them: ummmm, oh no I didn't.

  2. But, but, but, doesn't it feel good to be smarter than everyone else? That's the only thing I like about doing everyone else's work for them.

  3. Some of us are online, we just obviously aren't the ones you are looking for.

  4. oh yes - i know the copier/printer problem. we have a technician who just says ring the service line and in the time it would take him todo that I will have unjammed it!
    TGIF today!

  5. I get lost sometimes in a book or get tired and go to sleep early, so yes, I was off line last night. And this morning I have 25 new posts to read from my blogging buddies, you included!

  6. I find it interesting that all of us men, supposedly brave and mechanical minded, always shrink before the awesome power of the lass in charge of the copier.

  7. That sign sounds like an excellent idea. That, and have your extension number changed.

    Eff 'em. They're not paying you enough....