July 2, 2010

It's better than coffee!

Wanna know what will open your eyes and get your blood pumping in the morning better than coffee??

Finding this:


In your kitchen sink; first thing in the morning.

You can imagine my reaction.  The horror.  The disgust.  The all out gross-ness.  The "how the hell did it get in the house?!" Did I mention the horror?  

All of which I have just relived in order to find a picture to share with you.  You're welcome.

Needless to say, Man-Child disposed of it.

I just hope he didn't have any family and friends living nearby.  I seriously hope he was a loner.  The kind of guy who likes to keep to himself.  


  1. You just had to post that picture big, huh? *cringe

  2. Hey! He doesn't have 100 feet! Are you SURE it's a centipede? :-)

  3. Oy, listen I understand. I feel bad if he was trying to get home to his centipede family but I can't have him in the house. Just all there is to it! Same goes for spiders, and pretty much any 'creepy crawly'.

  4. I am going to gross you out now.. but, I remember when living in Marbella, I sliced into a loaf I had left on the top over night... and yup out crawled a centipede and it was massive!!

  5. I would have passed out, had I seen that!

  6. ICK! I'd rather be sleepy and need coffee than wake up that quickly on any given day! My biggest horror is finding lizards in the house...Hubby is training Ben to catch them. I figure in a few years, I'll have THREE men to catch lizards for me!

  7. Ugg! Dump a little vinegar in your sink? Shreek!

  8. One of God's creatures -- cast out into the cold.

  9. I see your centipede and raise you a http://preview.tinyurl.com/3xfo3wf (seriously, this was in MY bathroom)

  10. I do believe his cousin ran across Metro's foot the other day.

    We have 'em here too....I've found about 4 of them (always in a sink) since we moved in here 2 months ago.

    Only ours seem to have MUCH longer legs than the one pictured. I tried drowning it down the trap...damn thing would NOT let go of the rim.
    That TOTALLY freaked me out!