July 11, 2010

T-Minus 13 hours (give or take) until vacation is over....

Thank you all for your comments on the last post - they were very kind.

We've been busy (obviously, since I haven't posted for 6 days!).  Man-Child and I have been to Carowinds (and amusement park in Charlotte) (not for Hubby - he doesn't "do" crowds or rides)......

We saw the sights and rode the rides ....

Well.....some of them.  Other's we were too chicken for . . . .

But - we had a great time.

We went to the North Carolina Zoo....if you haven't been I recommend that you go - it's fabulous.

We saw elephants....cooling themselves off in the heat....

We saw chimpanzees and gorillas (sorry the actual pictures were distorted by the glass - the gorilla shot would have been amazing too....)

We saw this freaky plant that reminded me of Sleeping Beauty.....I think.  May be getting my Princesses confused.....

We saw Grizzly Bears (which had totally freaked out a small child; her mother (not much more than a child herself) did nothing to comfort her; it made me very sad....)

We saw geysers.....

We saw bison..... (yeah, I only look irritated - was actually having a great time. Not the most flattering picture either; nor the worst - so I'll let it go for the time being....)

Although this sign did irritate me a little....because on the other side? It said the same thing except it referenced Africa.  How could they both be downhill?  Well, unless that was the highest point of the zoo; so never mind.  NC Zoo has about 5 miles of walking trails - and in the heat? Made for very sore legs the next day.

We saw alligators (or is it crocodiles? can never tell them apart).....

Then we went to Hanging Rock State Park.  Had I known how close it was - we'd have been there before (and often).....

The boys (Man-Child and friend) decided to try their hand at rowing.  It's a miracle they didn't capsize themselves.....but totally hilarious to watch whenever they decided to "switch" positions to row.  Rather than just handing over the oars - they actually switched positions.

The waterfalls were truly spectacular.  (emmm, no.  I actually didn't hike the trails to see this beauty - I was laying on the beach at the lake - but still!) (and yes, I had sunscreen on.)

Man-Child at the falls.  (wondering why he won't pose for me when I try to take pictures?)


  1. Wow, what great fun. Loved the pictures. Your son looks very handsome.

  2. Great photos Gigi .. you look like you are having a great time.. I always look irritated on holiday .. probably because I am .. I never used to, I used to love vacations but with the kids and Darren its always so stressful I cant wait to get home xx
    So we dont go xx

  3. SB took a pic of me posing in front of that Bison last year.

  4. Whee! Looks like you had a great time! And so great to see photos of you guys...put faces with the names and the stories....

    But PLEASE stop counting down the end of your vaca...live in the MOMENT!

  5. I love those pictures. And the pose is so funny!

  6. Girl, you are skinny, skinny! I think I hate you!

  7. It all looks fantastic....I don't know what it is about alligators/crocodiles but they always make me shiver...urghh.
    It's amazing what's on our doorstep but we never seem to get there. We don't have anything as exciting as that though. X

  8. Love the pictures!! Been to all except the last one and will have to check it out!!! Glad to see your son...he's very handsome!!

  9. Nice pictures! I REALLY like the zoo pics. I love seeing the animals, especially the elephants.

    Your son looks really tall and broad shouldered. Does he play football? He looks like he would be good at it, lol.

    You're so petite looking, I hope he was a small baby, lol. I like your curly hair. Mine is wavy and it waves however it feels like it!