July 14, 2010

Will being proven right TWICE in one day open Hubby's eyes......

To the possibility that I just MIGHT be correct in most of what I tell him?

Probably not.

But still.....

Since he is not home yet for me to rub his nose in it, I mean  inform him of this I have decided to share it with you first.

Remember a bit ago, I mentioned that I was having to yell at my car because it was giving me fits?  Well, it turned out the car needed a new battery (sheesh, you'd think those things would last forever as big as they are!)

Once the battery was installed and the car was up and running, it kept doing this funny little thing while idling.  It kept acting like it wanted to stall.  This went on for about a day or so.  Hubby was concerned.  I informed him that I was sure that the car and the battery just had to get to know each other.  He laughed and laughed.  The problem went away.  But Hubby was still concerned, so when I scheduled my oil change I mentioned the problem to my guy and while I was at it gave him my diagnosis of the problem.  Well!  According to my guy I was completely correct.  Apparently it takes a while for the battery to understand exactly what the car needs from it.


Moving on.

A couple of weeks ago, Hubby (well, really I) submitted a resume online to a uber-wonderful company as they were looking for someone with Hubby's skill set.  We received an email confirmation.  But we haven't heard a word.  This company still has the posting up and I was getting nervous.  I mean their job description practically matches Hubby's resume word for word.  Why hadn't they at least called?  If the position was filled, why was the posting still up?  Yes, we'd received an email confirmation that the resume had been uploaded, etc. but something just did not feel right.

So I suggested to Hubby that we re-submit directly to the company via snail mail.  He resisted.  I have insisted. Because really, what would it hurt to follow up?  He still resisted.

Today, I was talking this over with a friend of mine and telling her of my concerns.  She informs me that she knows someone who works at this uber-wonderful company (unfortunately not in a position to help him actually get the job, but still) and offered to call her friend to see if the position is, in fact, still open.

Her friend turns out to be a wonderfully helpful person.  She not only determines that the position is still open (yay) but that Hubby's resume has never been received!  She has also suggested that I email the resume directly to her where she will hand deliver the resume to Human Resources.  I've never met this woman, but already I love her.

Hubby - 0
Me - 2

Will he ever learn?


  1. As much as I hope your 2fer will ne an awakening for your man, in my experience, it usually takes more of a 2x4 approach...
    Go Estrogen Intuition!

  2. No, he will never learn.

    So, just keep that in mind and flow with the punches.

  3. LOL - poor hubby. He never stood a chance. Fingers crossed about the job opportunity. Keep us posted.

  4. Well after our little twitter discussion the other night, I knew you wouldn't let the resume thing go! And how right you were NOT to! Belts & Braces (sorry, suspenders?). There really are some lovely people out there aren't there? Hope it comes good for hubby, fingers crossed xx

  5. Oh, you freakin' genius, you.

    THIS is one of the things I learned during the last article I wrote (on finding work...oh, the irony). Submit through the company...NOT thru a job site.

    Evidently, it's rarely rec'd.

    Can you imagine that??

    Of course you can...you just DID!

  6. Definitely women's intuition! :)

  7. This is why he married you. Breathing deep.....

  8. Well, of course you were right. I'm always right, too. Why do they ever doubt us?

  9. Just goes to prove ........we are the smarter sex!!

  10. Thanks for the tip. Someone I know is looking for work, and most places she has to submit a resume online. And, more often than not, the resume isn't even acknowledged. It seems snail mail is the way to go! Best wishes for your husband's job ...

  11. Nope, he'll never learn.

    Good luck with your husband and the job.

  12. Good news about that position still being open but no... you will have to keep telling him again and again that you are always right! It will go in one ear and out the other but he'll remember for a split second! Wishing you tons of luck with this role - I'll be crossing my Manolo's for you! Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  13. When will men learn that sometimes, us women actually have good ideas, lol. Derek's still looking and I keep telling him to do some cold calls, but he's hesitant and nervous. Men!