July 18, 2010

I am NOT a photographer.....so no judging please.....

I've been playing with my camera this evening.  Why?  I dunno.  Because there wasn't anything else to do?

At any rate, I've discovered that my camera does more than "point and shoot".  And have determined that if I actually knew what I was doing this little camera could do some amazing shots.  Although, I'm pretty proud of the ones I did get.

Up close and personal

Just HOW does he do that with his eyebrow??

Intent! (intently ignoring me!)

Hubby, trying to hide from me

Trying to capture the storm that was only pretending to threaten us 

That expression? Impossible to explain, but it's SO Man-Child.

Wow - who knew the camera could do this?

And this is where he stormed me, and took away the camera.

None of these pictures were doctored in any way, shape or form.  It was all the camera - I was amazed.  Who would have thought that this little "point and shoot" could do so much?  Will definitely be playing with it more in the future.  When they aren't looking, of course.  Since apparently they are averse to having their pictures taken.

Oh and by the way?  Sssh! He thinks I deleted all the pictures!  It's our secret!


  1. I just might need to check my camera a little closer. Pretty sure it's supposed to do more than I'm aware of, but the book totally confuses me.

  2. By the way, your photos are great!

  3. Hi there, sorry haven't visited. Away for a few days. Nice pics..that little camera is a keeper. Hope you have a great week. RY

  4. Very cool! Wonderful shots!
    I am no expert, but the first thing I learned about photography when I was starting, is, it's all about the light. Light is the main thing of photography. Outside light will ALWAYS produce the best shots. the ABSOLUTE best shots are ones that are outside, but in the shade or on a cloudy day (so sun is shining but not directly causing shadows). It looks like you've really got an eye for angles. Looking forward to seeing more!

    BTW keep reading your manual. It will really help. AND if you can get on flickr, you might find a group that is specifically for your camera! Other users that take photos with the same camera you've got! It helps to know what other people can do with the same equipment.

    Good luck!!

  5. Oh I love playing with my camera! I just know it does so much more then auto:) You have inspired me!

  6. Hi Gigi it looks great, looks like you had fun too. We are always hiding from Darren when he gets a new lens etc etc...
    Man child is young they always look wonderful especially close up, my kids are the same ...its my close ups that I hate xx

  7. Nice shots, almost like looking at a series of A Day In The Life ...
    I always enjoy taking photographs, seeing the perspective the lens captures.

  8. Those are great!! I have never done anything like that with my old camera. My husband bought a new fancy expensive camera that he researched for ME But he uses it. It just looks too hard and I don't have the time to play around with it. That's something I need to do though. You pictures look so professional!!!! Love the black and white!

  9. I just have one comment...find out where the timer is on the camera, so we can see pictures of YOU!

  10. Now I need to find the instruction book for my camera!

  11. What a clever camera...mine can't do all those colour changes...or the multiple pictures. Lovely. X Sorry I've not been a good commentator....not sure where the days are going at the moment. X

  12. I LOVE that eyebrow shot! It's priceless. I know my camera will do a lot I don't know about, but it's almost impossible to figure out from the manual.

  13. Nice pics! I have no idea how you did the one that was just repeated photos of MC. Was it an accident or did you do it on purpose like that?haha

  14. You did a great job! LOVE the close-ups of MC...and he'll never hear from me that they still exist. (Find a folder on laptop called "Plants & flowers"...he'll never look THERE!)

    I keep fresh batteries on my cam at all times...ya never know when a moment may strike!

  15. Love the pics! What kind of camera do you have? My point and shoot just broke, and I think I might be ready for a big girl camera. lol