August 29, 2010

Apparently, I'm turning into my mother. . . . .

Friday night I feel asleep in great anticipation for this weekend.

Saturday, bright and early, the boys were off to Asheville, again.  Foolhardy men that they are they actually agreed to help my beautiful Step-Daughter move.  Again.  When asked if I'd like to accompany them, I laughed hysterically.  I'm barely over the move into this house almost three years ago so why would I willingly go help someone else move?  Especially someone who just moved six months ago?  Ahhh to be young and foolish.  I recall moving every six months or so when I was her age.  I have since wised up and only move when necessary now.

I had the whole weekend planned out.  I was going to loll about reading (books and blogs) and doing absolutely nothing that did not need doing.  To revel in the (rare) silence.  To do girl-y things like shopping, shaving my legs, wearing a mud mask.  I was going to type the greatest of all blog posts EVER!  It was going to be wonderful!

I vaguely remember someone (possibly Hubby?) kissing my cheek and whispering goodbye at some ungodly hour Saturday morning.

I recall waking up at a more decent hour, having coffee and reading the paper.  I remember logging on to catch up on your blogs.  The last thing I can remember is running out the door for a quick (essential) errand Saturday morning and thinking "Boy, this mudroom is a mess!"

Apparently, upon returning I morphed into my mother and went into a cleaning frenzy.  According to all the signs I started immediately on the mudroom and went from there.

As I sit here, more than thirty-two hours later, with every part of my body sore and aching, the entire house is spotless.  Apparently, I even took apart a fan and cleaned it inside and out.  Obviously, even the vacuum cleaner got cleaned - as parts of it are sitting out drying as I type.  It has become apparent to me that I even broke my cardinal rule(s) and cleaned Man-Child's room!  And?!  Did his laundry!

I know.  I am a very mean mom.  But in my defense, at least when he is in college he will know HOW to clean and do his laundry.  Will he do it?  I doubt it.  BUT he will know how.

In the meantime?  No wonder the child has allergies.  I about DIED just dusting his room.  Seriously.

My conclusion?  Other than the fact that my mother lives on in me (occasionally)?  I live with pigs.

When Hubby called to wish me a goodnight last night (and let me know that absolutely NOTHING got moved today-why am I not surprised? I mean seriously.  We are talking about young girls here.  Who, from what I recall, are very scattered about this sort of thing) I informed him of my accomplishments so far.  His response?

"Oh.  So we can't come home then?"

He knows me so well.


  1. When are you coming to visit me. I would love someone to clean my house. LOL

    Happy week.

  2. LMAO. I get on claning benders too- then I snap out of it!!

    Not sure what color- white for 2 walls, probably tan for the other two. The room is huge and probably needs two colrs to break it up, and right now, not really sure. So, just want it CLEAN and not green!!

  3. That was great! I'm more my mom each year AND I do the same thing when left home alone.

  4. Isn't it just lovely to have all that clean stuff around you? If I had done that to my son when he was home, we would have disowned me. I'll never forget what his room looked like. Of course once he was married, his wife did all the cooking and cleaning...

  5. Are you crazy woman? Next time you get the urge to clean, have a drink and some chocolate until the feeling goes away. That's what I do! :)

  6. Gigi I love to clean I love a clean house... BUT its never lasts more than one hour, when they are home, but my mother was not a cleaner so I take comfort from the fact I am not turning into my mother..
    I think you must be like me in order to sit and relax all around has to have order and I cant stop until it is achieved xx

  7. I applaud you on your take-no-prisoners if-you-do-a-job-do-it-right attack on your house.

    But ma'am -- you sure made me tired.

  8. HA! And I'm betting there's a part of you that didn't want them to come home and mess things I right??

    I have totally done the same thing. There's something about cleaning and having it stay that way that is simply irresistible.

    As for cleaning MC's room? How else are we going to keep the smell from invading the rest of the house??

  9. Well, now you don't have to do that again for a while! WHEW!

  10. I use to do the same thing when my husband and daughters went out of town.