August 15, 2010

Marital Conversations

"How'd you sleep?" Hubby asked me this morning (umm, yeah, we have deep conversation around here all the time).

"Great!" I perkily replied, "How'd you sleep?"

"Not so well." (I'm paraphrasing here, because Hubby's language wasn't quite this bland).

I immediately retort with, "Well, if you'd quit napping on the couch in the evening, you'd probably sleep better."

He responded with, "I didn't fall asleep in the couch last night!" (Oh please! Like his sleeping on the couch and this particular conversation this isn't a daily occurrence)

"Yes, you did.  In fact, I was *this* close to taking pictures of you - splayed out on the couch, head thrown back and your mouth wide open ready to catch flies and post it on the internet," said I.

"Well, I don't remember it," said he hotly.

I sighed and walked away.

Guess where and what Hubby is doing right this very minute?  The devil in me is telling me to pull out the camera.....


  1. This happens around my house, too. (every time hubby sits down)

  2. LOL! We have those deep conversations also.

  3. What's holding you back? It's time to put this argument to sleep (smile)...

  4. Do it ...take a picture:) What is it with men:)

  5. You DO realize that his crappy night's sleep is probably the only reason he asked you how you slept, right?

    You should've known that was coming....I say, "Snap away!"

  6. He is not sleeping. He is just resting his eyes. Constantly seeing your beauty is taxing to his eyes because he just cannot keep from staring. least that is what I would have said if I was him.