August 11, 2010

Well, I wasn't going to say anything but . . . .

I had truly planned to keep my trap shut and not get my hopes up - you know, so I wouldn't jinx anything.  But it turns out I am physically incapable of accomplishing either.

Plus, I need all your fingers crossed, good vibes, prayers, thoughts, etc. to be winging their way to North Carolina tomorrow around 1:00 pm (EST).

Hubby has a job interview tomorrow with a very good company. The HR person told him that he could expect the interview to take about two hours (!).  We are figuring that is good news.  We hope it means that Hubby is on the short list of interviewees.  This company is known for how well they treat their employees.  In fact, in a recent employee survey it was noted that 90% of the workers liked their co-workers (wow-how many of us can say that?) and that 94% of them felt that their job was (and by extension themselves as people) was important to the company.  So we are thinking that this two hour process is more about getting to know Hubby and seeing if he's a good fit for the team as well as checking out his skill set.

I've got to tell you, this interview couldn't have come at a better time as I was getting really down about the job market, finances and the future, especially after just shelling out an obscene about of money for Man-Child's textbooks for the upcoming school year and the first month's tuition.  And if I was getting down, I can only imagine what Hubby must be feeling.

I realize it's not in the bag - but I soooooo want it to be.  I'm also hoping it doesn't them as long to make a decision as it did for them to schedule this interview.  We submitted the resume at the end of July and just received the call on Monday!

Although, I'm trying not too - my hopes are raised.  See? I told you I was physically incapable.  But you see, there just hasn't been anything out there for Hubby in our area.  At all.  If I looked in Raleigh or Charlotte, I'd probably find more openings - but they are just too far away to commute, and it depresses me.  So I just don't look.

And with any luck, soon I won't have to look at all anymore.

So the hell with jinxes - now you know - so start sending the good vibrations, please.


  1. Sending all kind of good vibes and positive thoughts all day xxx

  2. Keeping everything crossed for you! As I have told you before my husband had 16 months out of work 2008/2009 and is only on contract now until 1st October, so I know what a worry it is. I don't know how we survived for that length of time, except I had to sell all of my designer goodies to pay my sons school fees but luckily I had them to sell. So good luck to your hubby, money is such a worry and not only that, but it is what it does to a mans confidence being out of work really gets them down.

  3. Dear Lord, if it's your will to bless this family with their desires of this job, please let it be! Let them see how you not only bless us with what we need, but with a few of our desires also! You know what is best for them, so let your will be done. Amen!

  4. Hope the interview went well today, I'm sure it did!!

  5. Sorry I didn't read this sooner! I hope everything went great!!

  6. Sorry a bit late to this.....I really really hope it went well. XX

  7. Sending ' know I'm sending 'em!

    Fingers and toes are crossed...(hard--to--type) but I'll bet he nails it!

  8. Prayers... hopes... good ju-ju all headed your way!!!

  9. I've been so out of the loop and haven't caught up with you for ages but am so glad about this interview....fingers crossed x

  10. Ok, prayers, hugs, vibrating....anything it takes.


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