August 9, 2010

So I've been quiet - it's been known to happen a time or two....

I realize I've been rather quiet lately on the internet.

I've tried to post comments as much as possible.

If I haven't posted any at yours - I'm sorry.  But know that I have been reading (c'mon, it's what I DO! You know how much I love to read - in fact there may be one of my uber-famous reviews coming up shortly).

It's just that lately I've been in "lurker" mode.

Why?  Well, I've been a bit down, if you must know the truth.

But today? Well, today I am feeling much better, thank you for asking.

I've been feeling a bit stressed lately.  Haven't we all?  The thing is, stress never used to bother me.  Yes, that's my Scarlett mentality - I'll worry about it tomorrow.  Believe me, sometimes it's the best mentality to have - particularly when you live with a perpetual worrywart.

But throw a child (although some might argue he's almost an adult, lalalalal I can't HEAR you!), some *ahem* age (or as I like to call it wisdom) into the mix and then you wind up with the ability to fret.  And it turns out, I am AWESOME at fretting.  Who knew?!?

I needed to find my inner Scarlett.  And I think I found her hiding in the closet this morning.  So it's all good.

You can expect normal service to resume almost immediately.


  1. Ooo so what exactly is the difference between worrying and fretting? haha

    I go through bouts where I don't comment as much but I do continue to read. Sometimes I don't always have something to say!

  2. Glad you are feeling better, looking forward to your ramblings!!!!

  3. My problem on commenting is that sometimes I get in one of those moods when I can't think of anything to I resign myself to lurking.

    I'm happy that you feel like you are emerging into something better these days.

  4. I know that lurking thing....hope you are feeling better soon. XX

  5. Oh, I totally hear you. I worry about everything....the dog, the boys, work, the house...everything!