August 16, 2010

Back in the good old days we didn't even HAVE three-point turns (or did we and I missed it?)

I just checked into FaceBook (which according to Man-Child usually signals that I'm about to get off the computer - since I'm done with all the "fun" stuff for me).

As usual, I just glanced through quickly to see what is going on with those friends who simply cannot communicate in any other medium other than FaceBook (what is up with that?!  I have at least three email addresses and three phone numbers!  I've told them repeatedly, use one of these avenues to find me and I'll respond a lot faster); took a peek at what Man-Child's been up to and did a quick scroll through the Most Recent News.

Lo and behold, MC's best friend (who happens to be a prolific FaceBooker) had posted this morning that he was going to take the test for his "real" driver's license.  I took a quick scroll through all the comments to see the result.  I should have realized - had he passed it would have merited a Status Update.  After all the well wishes, at the very end, he commented "I didn't pass - failed the three point turn."

My heart broke into a million pieces for this extra wonderful kid.

Back in the day (uh, note to self.  Find a different phrase, that one makes me feel old!) when you were going to take "The" test you were only able to tell whomever you happened to reach on the phone (pre-cell phone days, etc.  AND most of us didn't have phones in our rooms, call waiting, caller id, etc. either).  You simply did not have the ability to announce to the world where you were going and what you were doing at every single moment during the day.

So when you failed the test (as I did.  A couple of times, if you must know.  And why, yes I AM a good driver - it was circumstance that caused me to fail.  Really! Quit listening to Hubby - he doesn't know what he's talking about) the admission only had to be made to a handful of friends (who even remembered that you went in the first place).

I sent along a comment of comfort (I know he will appreciate it; although MC will surely have something to say about me actually making a comment to one of his friends.  But he's a deleter - so I'll ignore what he has to say.  And speaking of deleting - he actually did it to me again!!  He posted something HILARIOUS.  I restrained myself and only commented with . . . . . "Ha!"  And for that?  I was deleted again.  I'm currently plotting several VERY embarrassing posts/pictures as revenge.....oops, I got off track again, sorry.)

Ahem.  Any way.....

This is what the world wide web has brought to us.  In all your excitement you put it all out there for the world to see (and comment on) and then when you mess up that too is all out there for the world to see and comment upon.  Which could lead into another conversation about blogging, etc.  But, I won't go there.  I blog fairly anonymously and am pretty particular about what actually gets published (oh the posts I've composed and hindsight, I probably should have saved them just so I could chew over them later...and possibly published since it appears that those that have been typed when I'm in the grips of something seems to resonate with you guys far more than my more pedestrian ones - oops, there I go again down a completely different path.  Now you know what it is like to have a conversation with me in real life-bonus for you!).

At any rate, I wonder if the teens today have figured this out yet?  This particular kid is great and I've yet to see any teasing or ugliness regarding his failure to procure his license.  So far, I've seen nothing but support (which cheers me because I realize this kid has surrounded himself with people who are true friends).  But I know that there are kids (and adults too) who aren't supported whenever they bare themselves to the world.  And that - makes me sad.

I try like hell to live by the motto my mother used to repeat to me often, "If you can't say anything nice, keep it to yourself." (which truth be told - she had a hard time living up to.....)

It's hard.  Especially when you are doing it online where you have the "invisibility cloak" somewhat.

 But you know what?  It's still the right thing to do.

And just so you know - when I started out this post was going in a whole different direction.  But then I got started and this is what you get to read. Because, I apparently, I also have the ability to distract myself.  And?  I think I may have out-done myself with the parentheses and side trips this time.  It's gotta be a record, even for me.


  1. Wow.

    And, no matter how many times you went turned yourself right around again. I am truly impressed!

    I'm sorry MC's friend didn't pass his test, though...and yeah, he's obviously surrounded himself with good people to support him.

    As for MC and FB...if it makes you feel any better, Taylor won't befriend me until after he goes off to college. Evidently, I don't get the inside poop on him 'cause I live in the same house with him. Go figure.

  2. I, too, failed my driver's test. Quick stop? What quick stop?!

    I can't imagine how much more difficult life is for teenagers now that there are so many different ways to have everyone see everything. Ha! Can you imagine the pictures that MIGHT have been available "back in the day" had there been cameras everywhere, links to everything everywhere...


  3. I think Facebook has made attention gatherers out of us! I also think the easiness of posting something during a moment of intense emotion is incredibly easy and simple. Many find it hard to resist. People get brave when they aren't talking to a specific person, especially on the internet when aren't approaching a face or a voice.

  4. I have lied so many times about the attempts taklen to get a drivers license I can't remember the truth any more!

    I totally agree about the facebook and failure thing, wrote about it in the context of exam results last year on mad manic mamas.

    Keep your fingers crossed for EBD on Thursday, what she gets on results day means university or no university!!!! xx

  5. I actually really enjoyed this stream of consciousness post! It was like sitting there talking with you in person, I imagine...

  6. paralele parking... (UGH WHY CAN'T I SPELL THAT THIS EARLY MORNING)
    I have no idea how I even passed that part. I still can't do it to this day.
    Regarding facebook I am more reserved. My blog is where it all hangs out.

  7. The prospect of my kids joining Facebook terrifies these days can't make the same mistakes as we did without the whole world knowing about it!

  8. I know what you mean about face book. I have a cousins daughter that she would die if she knew what her daughter posted!

  9. I passed my driving test right off the bat. Of course this was many, many years ago and the testers were nicer, like when I screwed up the parallel parking, he said, "Okay lets just calm down and try that over."

    I simply won't publish overtly personal stuff. And it is so immature to dump on someone even if you don't agree with them. Your mother had it right.

  10. Maybe he took comfort in all the sympathetic messages....I know exactly what you mean though. X