August 23, 2010

The first day of school and a new aversion.

Well, I wanted to do a post that showed Man-Child's first day of school pictures through the years.  But....the majority of those photos are actual prints that have never actually been digitized - yet. (So sue me, I'm a busy woman!)  On second thought, some of them might actually be on the dead computer that is currently sitting in my closet.....and if that is in fact the case, I may just cry.

At any rate, if I took the time to scan all eleven years worth of pictures; actually twelve if you count kindergarten (which the more I think of it - the more certain I am that the last couple of years of pictures are on the dead computer *sob*) then this post would never get done.

I'd start out with great intentions.  Really.  And things would be moving along - and then I'd get side-tracked (by someone who needed the computer, or for me to find something, or for me to drive him somewhere, or....well you get the idea).  And then before you know it, it would be next year and I'd be right back to where we started.

So, with all that being said - here is Man-Child on his first day as a junior in high school.

Yeah, that pile of wrinkled clothes in the forefront?  They came out of MC's bookbag last night.  Ewww!  In my defense, I did demand that he take them upstairs last night as I was headed to bed.  Obviously, he "forgot".  Also, sorry for the poor quality - but I got one shot.  That's it.  But? He smiled.  So that makes this picture a keeper.

Apparently, he has acquired a recent aversion to me taking pictures of him.  Which results in shots like these:

It may look like he's praying - but he's not.  He's hiding from me without making a scene in the restaurant.

This shot makes me feel like a star-stalking paparazzi.  I actually have quite a few like this.  Or like this -

Where I have to sneak up on him ninja-style and snap a shot even though the lighting is wrong.  All because he won't let me pose him and take pictures.  *sigh* Gone are the days when he'd see the camera and just start striking a pose and yelling "One more!  Take one more, mommy!"

So today, he trudged off to school for his first day as an upperclassman - you would have thought he was being sent to the gallows.  At school.  With his friends. I bet if they asked him to pose he would.


  1. Great shots. He is a cutie. Hope he has a great year.

  2. LOL! Gigi, he looks lovely! Very pleased he let you take the 'one' shot. Hope he had a great first day. xXx

  3. Before you know it he will be off to college!! Great pictures of a handsome young man!

  4. Lovely pics :O)

    reminds me of Posh Daughter, most pics of her are of her hand over her face or the back of her head, she is desperately camera shy.

  5. Don't worry Gigi there'll be a million shots of him on facebook for you to see :)

    Good luck to Man Child. May it be all you wish for.

  6. I actually love the hand shot. You could have entitled this one, "speak to the hand." I'm not camera shy but I do understand those who are. He's a fine Man Child, Gigi, you are blessed.

  7. Hey there. Thanks for your kind words and support. I will continue to follow your blog, love reading your stories. Unfortunately, “lurkers” from my past have been reading my blog and decided to post some pretty terrible comments. I just can’t handle the pressure. Blasé will be so disappointed in me…LOL

    I will keep in touch via comments though, take care. Heather

  8. Love the pictures.

    I hope he had a good first day.

  9. I hope the day went well. He looks lovely, very handsome.
    They hate their picture being taken don't they. ;0S

  10. I LOVE those shots! I say, put 'em in the album...and when he's a grown-up and asks where all the childhood photos are, you can show him your pain and suffering.

    It'll serve him right.

  11. Your house looks nice. If I ever have to leave Canada under less than ideal conditions, can I live with you? :P

  12. Sigh...girl, I'm not handling this growing up thing at all. Firstborn is a sophomore this year and just thinking about him being a junior like man-child put a HUGE lump in my throat. Man-Child is a cutie!