August 2, 2010

Can I rant a bit? Sure I can. It's my blog.

I am beyond furious right now.  Beyond, I'm telling you!

Yesterday, I woke up to what turned out to be some kind of virus on my beloved computer.  The word "trojan" was bandied about.  Which is laughable, considering usually that word is used in the context of "protection."  Spent about 2 hours fixing it.  This on top of the damn fire alarms.

Today?  This morning all was fine as I perused the blogs, etc.  I headed off to work.

It was work.  Nothing to write home (or to you) about.

This evening?  Pure freakin' torture.

More virus crap.  I do NOT deserve this people.

I am a good person.  Really!  Despite anything else you may have heard.

I've been dealing with this for over an two and a half hours now.  It sucks.  Just so ya know.

The people that create these things?  Special place in hell.  Definitely.  Without a doubt.

So once, all is said and done (yes, currently have the system up and running enough to try and post - priorities people! priorities!)....will most likely be caving and buying protection (and no, not a gun.  Because if I had one and a known virus-maker was in front of me right now.......suffice it to say, that the generally docile Gigi, wouldn't be so docile.  Quit laughing!  I AM docile!  For the most part.  Until I get riled.).  (Also, yes I know, I can hear all you IT folks out there screaming "NO!!!!" but something must be done - I've tried the free-ware, obviously it isn't working so I have to do something!).

I've heard so many different things.  Don't use Internet Explorer (from now on we won't).  Try this software, try that (I have).  Get a Mac (most likely never, and if I change my mind that is so far in the future I can't see it).  I'm confused, tired and more than a little bit cranky.

I logged on tonight with the expectation of catching up, chatting and having fun.  So far?  None of those things. (Well, I did get to chat a bit with Melly - and mainly via blackberry, not computer.  But other than that?  Nothing)  It has NOT been fun.

And my thoughts have NOT been charitable.  At all.

And, if after I've purchased said protection, I have to go through this hell again?  Someone will pay, my friends.  Someone will pay.  I don't know who or how - but someone WILL suffer (and since my family is in direct line of fire - pray for them).


  1. Oh dear. It sounds just as icky as anybody could imagine, viruses of any kind are not fun. I am hoping it all gets cleared up without any big problems. And of course you can rant, as you said, it's your blog!

  2. Oh you have a right to think horrible words! LOL I am so sorry for your computer woes. Hope they are a thing of the past.

  3. Viruses are beastly things and those that create them should get their own very special sircle of hell...or at least share it with the lawyers...
    Thankfully, I married a geek, and he keeps us relatively free of nasties (except for when my mother manages to get onto my puter or our wireless when she visits, gah, the woman is a virus magnet!)
    We actually have a whole usb drive full of just our freeware and pro software just in case.
    I wish you luck, doll!

  4. My computer has been acting up too. I feel your pain, it is amazing how much it irritates!!! Hope things work out soon.

  5. Go get them! Get them for all of us! Roast their intestines!

  6. I was on my daughters laptop the other night and a thing popped up about Trojans. We just turned it off, then back on again and it seems fine and nothing has popped up since. Apparently if you click on to fix the situation you can bring the virus in, or so I've been told xx

  7. I feel your pain Gigi! Why why why do people do this - should they not just decide to get a life?! Hate to say it but the Mac is good for that sort of thing and we also have an anti-virus piece of kit on it (OH deals with all that as you can probably tell)! It has stopped us becoming 'infected" on more than one occasion. xxx

  8. norton. Never had a problem since I forked out the cash for it. And I use Windows explorer.

  9. The last couple of days I have had something pop up and it said it caught a virus for me. What is wrong with Internet Explorer? I hate it when I have computer problems!!

  10. Aw, honey...I can feel your's resonating right through my monitor!

    Those trojans...or spyware...or whatever they are...are MADDENING. I totally hear that.

    Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

    Don't wanna go there again. I think I'll run my anti-spyware now....

  11. Haha... I know you were soo angry but this post kind of made me laugh. :P

  12. Poor you, my mum is having huge problems with viruses on her PC needs a new hard drive! I hope you manage to sort it out...have to admit the only way we've managed to protect ours is by caving in and getting anti virus software. :0( XX