August 3, 2010

Sometimes you just need a nap. And a lovey.

Thank you all for your kind words of concern after my rant yesterday.  Ummmm, apparently, once I get my dander up I tend to be, errrr, vocal.

(Oh "apparently", my foot!  We all know it's true!)

Today, the computer seems to be perfectly healthy.  The fact that I shelled out the money for Norton....jury's still out - since Norton couldn't find anything wrong with the computer.....but we'll see if it was worth it if we have no further problems. (oh please God! No more problems!!)

If any of you were on Twitter last night, then you were able to witness me rambling on and on to myself in an aimless fashion as I was trying to breathe fresh life into the computer (which really needs name, but I've yet to find one suitable - so if you've suggestions, please feel free to share.  Because between you and me, it's really hard to rant at a piece of machinery that doesn't have a name.  It's exhausting, in fact.).  And you also witnessed the fact that I was up far later than my usual bedtime.

Which meant that I was crankier than usual today.  Because I was tired.

Picture a small child when they are tired.  Okay, now superimpose my face onto that small child (refrain from making comparisons about the very slight height difference between me and small children please).  Yup, that's how I was today - all day.

My clothes didn't sit well.  On several occasions I just wanted to burst into tears.  I wanted a lovey*.  I wanted a hug.  I didn't want anyone to look at me or talk to me (which they did anyway, repeatedly!).

But I made it through the day without a total meltdown, fortunately.

Because really?  A huge, full-on, hissy-fit in the middle of the office isn't "professional".  In fact, I've heard that it is "frowned" upon by upper-management.  And middle-management.  And pretty much everyone else, for that matter.

But, some days?  When you are tired from a late night of battling viruses, and the alarm clock goes off at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am (FYI Kathryn, it's a digital.  And I've done some sleuthing, we don't even own an analog - unless you count my watch) and then the office computer is acting like a cow, and then you throw in a few office politics and to top it off, you have a niggling headache that is either a result of not enough sleep or sinus issues?  A huge, full-on hissy-fit sounds pretty cathartic, doesn't it?

But, you'd be proud.  I abstained.

Now, sitting on the back porch in relative silence, with a glass of wine and some blogs?  Now, I'm feeling much less cranky and am counting the hours until my extra early bedtime tonight.

*A lovey- in Gigi-speak (for those of you that might be unsure) is that extra-special object that small children use to soothe themselves, such as that special blanket or teddy-bear.


  1. Totally understand! Hope your wine n' blog fest is a great one.

  2. Aw, honey. You definitely don't get enough sleep. When are we looking into those super-duper sun-defying drapes to block out the morning light?

    I personally LOVE my sleep. My favorite time of the whole entire day is the moment my head hits that pillow...I let out this satisfied sigh....

    I totally got the "lovey"! And see? No analogs anymore!

  3. I hate those days when you feel like you are going to break down at any moment. Tears build, sucked in, tears build, sucked in...LOL

    Well I am glad you are feeling better. Get some sleep doll and tomorrow will be a better day.

  4. It's amazing sometimes that the little things are really what we need.

  5. Don't worry I did actually burst into tears on Monday morning and I didn't really even know why!

  6. Sometimes a girl just has to have a big hissy fit and get it out of her system! I say name that computer. Curse it and then have a nap!

  7. I think I need some beer. I'm convinced that's my lovey.

  8. Lack of sleep is torture. You did well. :0) xx