August 22, 2011

The end of life as I know it.....

The alarm clock is set for extra early tomorrow (what?  I KNOW I already get up at a ridiculously early hour; I *need* that extra time to set aside as ME time in the morning; so I don't bite the head off anyone who actually speaks to me in the morning - trust me on this one; just ask Hubby)....

(why yes, I do realize that the time showing on the clock ISN'T ridiculously you know how hard it is to press the button to show what time the alarm will go off AND hold the phone steady to take a picture of it at the same time is?  No?  It's HARD!  And yes, I know it's blurry.....again, I'm using a PHONE to take the picture!  Besides, it's a digital clock and we all know that digital numbers are NOTORIOUSLY hard to take a picture of . . . since they blink and all...)
The coffee maker is ready to go - with a couple extra cups thrown in (to make up for the EXTRA early time that the alarm will wake me up.)...

Again, with the blurriness!  I KNOW!  It's a PHONE, people! Sheesh! What do you expect?
So what does all this signify?

The end of summer.

The end of it all.

The end of the quiet mornings where I can have my coffee in peace; left alone to catch up on blogs, read the paper and do whatever it is I want in TOTAL silence.

Ahhh, how I relish the silence of those quiet mornings.....

No.  It's all over.  Tomorrow is the first day of school.

The first day of trying to wake up a grouchy kid (who, incidentally decided it would be a good idea to go out the night before the first day - using the "but MOM! The Giants are playing!  And you KNOW we don't get those games here!" excuse.  Fine.  I let him go with the stipulation that he had to be home by 10:00 pm.  You and I both know that whether or not he goes out; he STILL won't be asleep before midnight or later anyway).

The first day of "I forgot!  I need lunch money!" or "I forgot!  I need you to fill out this field trip form!" or "I forgot!  Can you help me format this 15 page paper - that is due TODAY - this morning?"

The first day - of the LAST year - of having him home to drive me insane in the early morning hours.

Ya know?  After looking at it like that....I'm gonna miss those early morning moments of insanity....


  1. Girl me too! I have been working all summer but enjoying a leisurely morning sans kids. Now they are back in school and the craziness will begin!

  2. It seems unfair to have to drag someone out of bed because the Giants are playing.

  3. What a monumental year it will be.

  4. Yes, we're getting back in the swing of things too. Your last year! I bet it will be a great one. I'm still far away with my kids, but I hear these years go so quickly.

  5. So what time DO you have to wake up? If I'm working I have to get up at 5:45. Non working days is 6:10. Those 25 minutes make a huge difference in my world.

    Enjoy this last year but hold tight to your pocketbook- it is EXPENSIVE!!!

  6. Trust me, you'll miss it. There's a lot I don't miss, like early hours... but the downside to that is, they aren't here anymore. They are all grown up, with lives of their own.

  7. Oh, you did bring back memories! But that is all they are now, just memories of how it once was. I think I can almost feel fall seeping into my consciousness... I hope it's a good time, Gigi! And that you write about it!

  8. good luck to your son! hope he has a great senior year!! I have to say, I miss son not living here (he's 22) and I miss those school days, but I don't think I will ever, ever, ever, ever, ever miss the trying to get him out of bed and out the door on time every morning, LOL. What a struggle indeed!

    But do enjoy his year! It will go by so fast!


  9. Thanks for that reminder that the 'fall madness' is about to begin. Actually, school starts in two weeks up here so I've still got a little bit of quiet time...(not to rub it in or anything).

  10. Our first day was yesterday. The first day wasn't bad - it was kind of exciting, actually. Today? Day Two? Not so much.

    The excitement is over and I just want to go back to sleep!!

  11. I have until next Thursday, I can't believe its almost over already. I catch up on TV programmes that nobody else wants to see!

  12. We're in week #3 of it around here. I think I'm starting to get used to the early time, but as each day goes by it gets harder to drag the Kiddo out of bed. {sigh} Is it June yet?

  13. I love your TRANSPARENCY. You make me feel normal especially when you speak of Man-Child. Love ya!

  14. Awww....this is such a sweet post!

    I feel for you on the early mornings, though. It's a couple years before I start that, but I'm already not looking forward to it.

  15. Eek! I still have 2 weeks left. I love summer with no rules and lots of sleep:) Good luck hon!

  16. Not looking forward to going back to classes myself. :\

  17. Wow!!! I am so excited for back to routine but I sure do hate that alarm clock!!!!!!!

  18. I always hated when my girls started back to school!


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