August 5, 2011

A Simplistic View of Things....Or.....Only YOU, Corporate America (and everywhere else), can fix this economy - so DO something already!

I take a simplistic view of things.  I know this about myself...and I'm okay with it.  Generally, this view lets me cut through crap and make decisions.  It makes life easier for me; and believe me, I'm all about keeping things simple.

If your arm hurts when you do that; then just don't do that and voila; it won't hurt anymore.  See?  Easy-peasy.  Physician, heal thyself and move on.

So coming at this whole economic "situation" with this simplistic view it is clear to me what needs to happen.

You, Corporate America (and everywhere else, for that matter), need to quit being greedy and start hiring people.  Period.

It is my understanding that you are currently raking in record-breaking profits.  Good for you.  As CEO's, and upper-level management, you are making loads of money.  Your checking account is fat and you are doing fine.  Again, good for you.

Yes, you worked hard to get where you are (most of you, anyway) so you deserve it; to a degree.  I don't begrudge you  that; but......(well, you knew there HAD to be a "but" in there somewhere), in my simplistic view, I am seeing where you are squeezing the employees you have.  Making them wear two, three or sometimes four different hats - doing more than what they were hired to do; knowing that they are fearful that if they complain they would be out the door.  With no other options - since no one is hiring.  You see the vicious cycle and are capitalizing on it; for shame!

Yes, I understand, that companies need to be lean, mean, fighting machines in order to stay in business.  There shouldn't be waste - be it of materials or man-hours.

But the level to which you are squeezing the nickel - so to speak - is insane.  And possibly, quite un-patriotic. Yes, I said it.  YOU are not doing the country any favors.  And, I think, your mother would be ashamed at your antics.

In order to kick start the economy, again through my simplistic view, is to inspire the consumers to buy.  And how do you do that exactly?  Well, first off, the consumers need to feel safe and secure.  Oh, and this is BIG..... have a job.  Once consumers have these two, little things then?  Then, they will spend.

If they don't feel secure in their jobs - or can't find one - then what do they do?  They sit on whatever money they do have and don't spend it - or cry when they have to spend it.  That means they aren't buying YOUR products or services, unless absolutely necessary.  And even at that, they are NOT happy about it.

So, I say to you, Corporate America (and everywhere else), unfreeze the hiring holds that you have in place and start relieving some of your over-worked staff.  Believe me, your current staff and the new hires will appreciate it more than you know and morale and productivity will reflect it.

Only YOU, Corporate America (and everywhere else), can fix this economy.  And might I suggest that you get started on that pretty quick?

FYI, this post is not a rant against the company I work for - no, quite the contrary.  The company I work for is a good one and has continued to hire, as necessary, during this dark period.  This post was completely inspired by a conversation that I had with a friend yesterday. 

And yes, I really do have a very simplistic view of the world.  I'm not an economist; nor do I have a business degree; nor am I  learned "thinker" but it just seems to me that this is a big part of the problem.

Oh....and before I forget, you can TOTALLY blame this post on Carol.  Since she's the one who TOLD me to hit "publish" in the first place.....


  1. Nice job. I would love to be able to spend some money and help the economy but alas, I cannot find a job, my hubby's pay has been cut, and I'm going to have to sell a kidney to pay for my child's dental work (which could send me on a total rant about insurance co.'s not paying for anything!).

    And yesterday's stock market dive certainly isn't going to encourage any corporate spending. boo.

  2. It seems that Corporate America, now that they have the same rights as individuals, have shown that they are people without hearts. And I'm glad to hear that there are actually companies out there that are hiring and doing good for their employees (like yours). I thank God every day that I am no longer in the work world.

  3. Please don't get me started on the economy, it could get ugly...I'll just walk away now. Thank you : )

  4. Well said. I am so tired of running around like a mad-woman at work- and I take care of critical patients, for God's sake. They've cut us to the quick, and I'm tired of bleeding....

  5. Gigi WAS on a ramble today! A good one! Love the small print. You may want to hang out with Carol more often.

  6. I'm going to ditto Mariliz... don't even get me going! (It's a good thing I'm not political)

  7. I would totally work for you, are you hiring?

  8. Gigi the only thing I know what to do with money is to spend it... but I am scared stiff of what is coming.. my adviser says that we have to stop bailing the bamks out .. maybe even go bust before we can re build .. so scary .. really scary xx

  9. Gigi I try not to even thing about all this!:)