August 17, 2011

How come I'M doing homework and school hasn't even started yet? Or...if you have any ideas; I'm all ears

So, Man-Child has dutifully read at least one of his required summer reading books (and enjoyed it-bonus!).

But now, he tells me that he has to craft a two to three page paper - which is due at the start of school on Tuesday (remember this part, it's critical) and called me today to tell me that he was working on the paper (YAY!  He's actually given himself almost a week head start - usually he waits until the night before) and wanted my help (what can I say?  Papers are my "thing," and he knows that.  Not to brag, but back in the day, I was actually able to skim a book, for a friend - because of course I did all my projects early, give her a synopsis and help her craft a paper that would net an A).

The topic of the paper is what he learned from the book about the relationship between social justice and the media.


Now, this usually might not present a problem - but with a topic like this I will have had to actually read said book before I can even BEGIN to point him in the right direction for this paper.

So if I seem to be missing for the next few days; I'm sure you'll understand....because even though I'm not in school anymore, it seems I'll be doing some homework.  Reading all 343 pages of this in the next three days or so....

I'm only up to Page 66 - so obviously, I've got some reading to do....but in the meantime, if anyone has any ideas for this paper; I'm listening.  



*sigh* At least he didn't leave it to the very last minute this time.


  1. Does the movie follow the book? Cliff notes?

  2. I don't know man.. when I was in school my Mom never helped me with my homework really. Perhaps he could actually go this one on his own and see how he does? You won't be able to do his homework at college after all.. unless you do, but really, that would be odd, haha.

  3. I'm with Melissa- look for the Cliff Notes and do some research on Google. I've never even heard of this book so I'm no help, but good luck! Wait until they get into Freshman Comp in college. Those papers stressed me out! And boy oh boy did I expect to receive A's. I mean expected Josh to receive A's. :)

  4. Ideas no.........other than I guess you better get to reading! :)

  5. I just read that this spring (for the first time). It's been years since I saw the movie, but I think they were somewhat different from each other. The book spent a lot of time with the killers in the days leading up to the murder and flashbacks to childhood.

    I found the first third of the book a very 'dry' read, but it picked up later with the FBI gathering the evidence to build a case against the men.

    Ummm...good luck with that, Gigi...

  6. Gigi my son did his reading last night Mice and Men.. and continued to test me on it today.. its fucking years since I saw the film.. and I am not sure if I ever read the book.. xx

  7. haha we were leaving comments on each others blogs at the same time ..telepathyxx

  8. Thank goodness we're still reading Charlie & Lola. Much easier to skim a picture book...

    Good luck!

  9. Cliff Notes n Google... Just sayin....

  10. Sorry Charlie! I've got my own 11th and 8th grade homework to do! I'm sur the paper earned an A.


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