April 19, 2010


The very sweet Chic Mama has bestowed this very lovely award (which she made all by herself! I’m so impressed!) of gratitude. I feel very strongly that we all should look for reasons to be grateful in our lives. Because no matter how bad things may be in our lives – there is always a bright spot somewhere. And I’d like to thank Chic Mama for reminding me of something I should remember daily.

I have been pondering over this for a few days now because I wanted to get it just right.

The basic premise is to list five reasons you have to be grateful and to pass it on to five more if you so desire – rather than passing it on I’m leaving it open for you all to grab and post.

Five reasons. That’s it.

You’d think it would be easy. But when your brain has decided to shut itself down for a self imposed vacation….well, then it becomes a bit more challenging, so here goes nothing.

1. My little family, of course tops the list. Hubby and Man-Child both hold my heart.

2. Sunshine. Seriously, how can you not be grateful for sunshine? Even though I am currently stuck in an office away from the liquid gold….at least I can see it streaming through yonder window.

3. Good books. I love to sit in the aforementioned sunshine with a good book un-interrupted – it’s heaven. The only thing better would be sitting in the sunshine on the beach with a good book.

4. My job. It’s a good job with mostly decent people and a wonderful boss. Although it does interfere with my life by keeping me away from the things I’d like to do during the day….it does help pay for the things that I’d like to do whenever I can get around to them.

5. And you, my bloggy-friends, of course round out the list. When I think of all the wonderful friends I’ve made from all over in this short time I’m constantly amazed.

So now it’s your turn my dear friends – what are you grateful for?


  1. Congrats on your award!

    I'm grateful for chocolate. Without it, I'm not sure I could get through my day.

  2. Awww, great list. Is it getting warmer now? X

  3. Congratulations! I'm grateful for that huge margarita I just had. Now I shall go pass out.

  4. I'm grateful to have had a wonderful holiday and be back home safe. Now time to catch up on my blog friends. Hello again.

  5. i'm grateful for wrinkles. they give people's bodies character. :)

  6. Congratulations on your award!

  7. We do have a lot to be thankful for.

  8. I'm grateful also for all my blogging friends. You add an dimension to my day, just thinking about you in your office, or sitting in the sunshine with a good book. Gratitude is a good feeling to have, too.

  9. Congrats on the Award, I have yet to put mine up, I am so lazy... great list x

  10. Oh, congrats sweetie! You totally deserve it...and many more! This is a wonderful theme...and one we need to see more of!

    I'm grateful for my fam and their health...first and foremost. After that, I'm grateful for every single day. If it's boring, ho-hum and unremarkable...all the better! Golden...

  11. 1. My children, especially my youngest who still thinks I'm great and wonderful and likes to hang out with me!

    2. My great job, which allows me to buy my car, food, have a place to live, etc.

    3. Nature. There is nothing better then sitting in the shade watching butterflies, or the clouds pass by, or the smell of fresh cut grass, or a creek or river or ocean.

    4. Music. I would hate to have a life without music.

    5. Friends. Nuff said.

  12. We do all have so much to be greatful for!! My family and friends top my list!!