April 4, 2010

To All My Peeps.....

sorry - couldn't resist!

I hope you are having a wonderful Easter!

As usual, things are not going according to plan.  Rather than have that quiet Easter dinner I mentioned last night - we are having friends over - in fact they should be arriving any minute.  It actually works out well - because it got me off my butt and got the house pretty much cleaned.  Note to self - invite folks over more often in order to get housework done....

But what I really wanted to share was the absolute disappointment my son had when he woke up to discover he didn't have an Easter basket.  He's 15.  He was totally shocked.

I know, I know.  I'm a bad mom - especially since I have always done the Easter Baskets, etc.  This year?  Totally slipped my mind until late last night - when it was too late.  I figured it wouldn't be a big deal.

He has informed me that this will be the Easter he remembers forever.  (Note to self - Man-Child seems to be gifted in the "guilt department....."  Well, he learned at the knee of the master)

I agree - it will be the Easter that will live in infamy. 

Why?  Because this morning I asked him why none of my comments on his FaceBook seem to be showing up.  I make them and they are never there.  I asked him if he was blocking me.  He swore he wasn't.  So I pushed.

Do you know what he's doing? 

He's DELETING me!  ME?!!  His own mother!  How dare he? 

Do you know what his defense was?  "Well, yeah.  You're my mother."  This doesn't fly.  His friend's mothers comment - and he doesn't delete them.

I am crushed.  I don't post embarrassing things.  In fact, I don't comment often at all.  But he deletes me!  The one who carried him for nine months (in the Texas heat - thank you very much!).  The one who gave birth to him.  The one who has nurtured, loved, and spoiled him.  The brat.

And that is why, I informed him, that he didn't get an Easter basket this year.


  1. I love the pink bunnies...
    Oh poor you, this teenage son malarky is difficult isn't it. I hope he 'gets over it' very soon and you stop beating yourself with guilt. Hope you have managed to have a good day with your friends though.x

  2. Yep... some animals eat their young. Having carried him in the Texas heat, in itself, should warrant more respect! He should be grateful.

  3. How cute, VERY pink bunnies...Lovely! Uh-oh...FB and Teens huh?

  4. You carried him for 9 months in the Texas heat (no small feat I'm sure!) and he deletes your comments?! I say he's lucky all that happened was a lack of Easter basket. You should start putting really embarrassing comments on his Facebook page over and over again. Like, "Sweetie, Mommy wants you to be careful, you know how clumsy you are", or something like that, haha.

    Happy Easter Gigi!!

  5. You are so funny!! My niece has me part of the way blocked from facebook and when I asked her about it she just smiled. Before she got a boyfriend I wasn't blocked!!

  6. Tell him no Easter bakset as chocolate will give him spots which is sooo not a good look for chasing the girls!

  7. Oh dear. Its not just him, my girls would delete me if they could! All teenagers get a bit touchy about it. My girls encouraged me to join it and now moan that I am on it. Don't take it to heart.

  8. My kids are 22 and 25 and they would be devestated too if the bunny didn't bring them something and they don't even live at home anymore. I also follow them on facebook, but so far so good. They allow me into that part of their life. LOL

  9. My eldest daughter informs me that I will be de friended when she goes off to uni, she has no intention of letting me know exactly what she is wasting my hard earned money on.

  10. Oh. My. God.

    How freakin' DARE he????

    I am SO SURE my boys would do exactly the same thing...but that is totally not the point.

    I'm glad you brought up the Mom-card...I often remind da boys that we "shared a body once"...it's a guaranteed gag-maker.

    Tell him he can't have it both ways. Ya gotta give a little to get a little.

    If he's old enough to delete his mother, he's old enough to buy his own freakin' candy.


  11. my son has threatened to block me from his facebook. I told him if he did that, I would password the computer. No more facebook for him.
    So far he hasnt blocked me, but I have also noticed that a few of my comments have "mysteriously disappeared" But he is clever in that he dosnt delete all my comments, just a few here and there, then he claims that he dosnt know where they went. My hubby has tried that same excuse as well. JERKS. Got even with the hubby by hacking his account and declaring his undying love for his most exquisitely beautiful wife who came along and saved him from a life of misery. And without whom he would be lost. hehe.

  12. some animals eat their young. Having carried him in the Texas heat, in itself, should warrant more respect! He should be grateful.
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  13. Hi There..found your from Blase..Nice to meet ya..I have 2 teens too well 18 and 21..not really teens but you get the drift..anyway I have a similar story of Easter..I as well didnt buy baskets..I was going to give money...so when hubs and I got up the girlz had made baskets for us and hid 50 eggs for us to find...yeah, push the knife deeper,I was like..Awww nooo.. "am I bad..I should be doing that"..and he was like..no this is payback time..lolol..I felt better..as for the FB thing..that is tough..you try to stay on top of it and then ..Wham!..you get deleted..I guess its different for girls..I never really used the FB..any way..have great day..!