April 7, 2010

Who knew? Bowling = exercise

OMG!  Am I really that out of shape?

I mean, I've never really been in shape; as I'm not an exercise fanatic or anything.

But jeez......

All we did was go bowling yesterday.

Have you been bowling lately?  It's a lot of fun; especially when you win!

I probably haven't been bowling in about 8 years or more.  I sucked at it then.  And mostly still do.  BUT, by some divine intervention - I got six (count 'em!! SIX) strikes in the three games we played.  Five in one game.  It was awesome.

Especially the look on Man-Child's face as he kept repeating incredulously, "I thought you said you sucked?"  Getting louder and more incredulous as he kept saying it.

Ahh yes.  We are a competitive family.

With all that being said.  I am in pain today.  Every muscle hurts.  Who knew bowling actually constituted exercise?

Man-Child (in all his weight-training glory) had the nerve to ask me why I was sore - especially considering I only used an 8 pound ball. 

Because, hello?!!!?  I don't generally hurl an 8 pound anything down a lane.  Unlike some people, I don't get a thrill out of "lifting" and what-all that constitutes weight-lifting.

Yes, I believe exercise is good for you.  And will help you to live longer.  But to actually do it?  Ugh.  Of course, if I actually did it - then maybe I could eat what I want?  That might be worth considering.  But.....

Ellipticals, stair-masters, treadmills??  Not for me.  I get bored far too easy.  I need something fun!  Something that stirs my competitiveness (I must win!).

So maybe I'll take up bowling.

Hmmm; although.....it's hard on the nails.  And the shoes????? Ugh.....don't even get me started......

How about blogging?  Does that count?


  1. "8 pounds".. pfsst!
    You're so girly.

    I used to bowl a lot many years ago, at the Buffaloe Lanes. I went to school with that family.

    Bowling is good exercise. Well, sort of...

  2. Will bowling make you lopsided? You know, build the muscles up on one arm. I can't do it anymore, it kills me.

  3. YES BOWLING COUNTS!!! I must believe that to my core. because, ya know, yardwork counts, right?

  4. I LOVE bowling and you are right, it IS a workout!! I'm with you on the weight lifting though.. why would I pick up something to just immediately put it down? Makes NO sense to me. :P

  5. If blogging was exercise I'd be Kate Moss, sad that isn't it?

  6. Bowling totally is exercise. I about died the day after me and Sazy bowled!

  7. I haven't been bowling in years. Never was good at it but loved it!!

  8. I walked around the garden today and felt slightly breathless!! I have got to get some exercise.


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