April 16, 2010

Look Again

Look Again by Lisa Scottoline.

This is a really good book.  And you know this because otherwise I wouldn't be telling you about it.  Because between you and me?  I only tell you about the ones I have really, really enjoyed (and no, I haven't been paid or otherwise compensated to do so - just so you know).

The premise is this: you've adopted this child; this wonderful, beautiful child.  He is yours.  Your whole world revolves around this child.

Then one night as you are returning home from work you pick up the mail.  You happen to notice one of those "Have You Seen This Child" flyers.  You know, the ones we all glance at and then toss.  And the face looking back at you looks very much like the little guy sleeping in the next room.

You reject the notion outright.  Because you followed the rules.  You did everything right - there is no way that they could be the same.

But still.....

The resemblence is so eerie.

And being an investigative reporter?

You can't let it go.  So you begin to dig - just a little.  Because you just can't help it.

And then people involved start to die.  So, of course, you dig a little deeper. 

And . . .

That's all you get from me.  If you have any interest go find this book. 

Personally, I will be looking for other books by this author because I enjoyed this one so much.  It's not a long read but it will keep you hooked almost from the start.


  1. Lisa Scottoline writes very good books but don't think I've read that one!

  2. Sounds gripping - I've not heard of the author before will definitely pick up a copy x

  3. That sounds good, oooo- I have a huge pile of books to read. I must start going to bed earlier.
    There is an award for you at mine...sorry I know I keep passing them on to you but that's because I want to give them to you. ;0)

  4. Sounds good. If I gave up Blogging, I might have time to read a good book!

  5. I need to start reading books again!

  6. Sounds like a great book! As Mrs Fab says though - I rarely find time to pick up a magazine, let alone a book these days due to blogging! oh well - a small price to pay! And I went to check out you marshmallow peeps pic - thanks! I consider myself educated! They looked so sugary that my teeth hurt just looking at them! x

  7. I have not read this author yet- another to add to a growing list!

  8. This book sounds fantastic. I've written down the author's name and I'll definitely keep an eye out for it.

    If you loved it, I'm sure I will too!

  9. This sounds like a great book!! I will have to read it!!