April 21, 2010

Dear Old Dad

I called my dad.

It was his birthday yesterday.  I tried to call yesterday (truly!) but at first he wasn't home and then I received a busy signal.  A busy signal.  In today's world?  He must be the only one left that doesn't have call waiting.  Oh well.

When I finally connected with him I asked how he was.  He said,

"Aw rite, ah gess."  (translation:  All right, I guess).

This is his standard response to everything.  He had to visit a nerve specialist - and that's the response to how it went.  He just came out of heart surgery - that's the standard response.  He's got a lion chewing on his foot - standard response. 

I suppose we could learn a lot from that response.  What's the point in complaining?

Of course if it was my mother - she could complain about winning the lottery.  Hmmm.  That must be the short explanation as to why that marriage didn't last.....but I digress.

I asked what he'd been up to.  You totally will not believe the response.  I know I was shocked.

Apparently he's been "trappin' cats."

Yeah, I know.  I was like, "WHAT?!"

In his leisure time, apparently, my father has been trapping cats.  When questioned about this activity I was informed that "the damn cats are takin' over the neighborhood; they are tearin' up the trash and scratchin' up cars."  So, dad has apparently taken it upon himself to be the neighborhood vigilante against feral cats.

I asked, very nervously, what he was doing with the cats that he caught.  I was terrified of the response.  Wouldn't you be?  I mean, dad is a good ole' boy from the country.....

Whew!  He is calling animal control to come and take the feral cats.  I was thinking of far worse fates for these cats.  Although, depending upon the animal control....maybe their fate isn't as nice as I'm thinking?  Let's not go there - and don't burst my bubble please.

Apparently in order to trap the cats he must set the traps and then go hide in his truck.  The cats won't come 'round if he is sitting in his chair in the yard.  The image of him lurking in his truck, in his driveway, while trying to lure cats into traps sends me into fits of giggles, I must admit.

I've always wondered what Hubby would do with himself once he retires.  Now I know.


  1. Well, I am glad to find that he's "aw right." Those feral cats do need to have a home because otherwise he's right: they will breed until there are too many of them. I hope you have an enlightened humane society, though. I loved a feral cat and fed her for years...

  2. Go, Dad! Might have to enlist him for roundin' up the strays that are starting to show up in my neighborhood.

  3. I'm telling you...it's freakin' scary what these dads are into these days.

    We seriously have to reign them in.

    Thank God he has a hobby.

  4. Too cute. Well good for him. Hope he had a Happy Birthday.

  5. Gadget mad dad is very similar, it was his birthday on April 21st ! Happy birthday to both our dads

  6. Oh man, I was worried about what he was doing with the cats too! lol, glad he's calling animal control. :)

  7. LOL Every man needs a good hobby:)

  8. My dad never complained either!! Glad your dad is doing something to help the neighbors.:0

  9. Such a funny post! Hope he had a fab birthday and was unsuccessful in his mission to send all those poor cats to the last chance saloon!