April 12, 2010

You'll Never Believe It.....

Anybody out there remember Dick Van Dyke?


Oh come on - you know!  "The Dick Van Dyke Show?"  He was the sweet but bumbling husband and his wife was Mary Tyler Moore and she'd also cry (at least once during the show) "Rooooobbbbb!"


Fine - here's a clip to  refresh your memory - I'll wait.  It's a long one though.....let me grab a glass of wine, wash my hair, paint my nails and you know, figure out world peace while I wait.

Done?  Finally Good.

Now granted the only way I remember this show is from re-runs as I wasn't born until after this show went off the air.  But I do remember him in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and (many years later) in Diagnosis Murder.

This man is hilarious and I've always enjoyed watching him.

Well (on to the point of this post) apparently there is a new children's album out which features the Red Hot Chili Peppers' drummer AND the 84 year old legend himself.  Dick's role in this album is . . .


Rub your eyes and make sure you read that correctly.  Yes, I said rapping.  I've seen the clip; which I found hilarious and so, without further ado, I share.  (and no, this one is no where near as long as the first; promise)

Now tell me this man isn't awesome!

Rock, er I mean, Rap On Dick!

I hope I still got it going on when I'm 84!

Oh, and by the way??  Yay me - I embedded video for the first time ever and on the first go round (I hope).

UPDATED:  Just asked Man-Child if he knew who Dick Van Dyke was and he replied, "Is he a newscaster?"  ::sigh:: Reminds me of the time he said, "You know, the guy who used to play John Wayne...." And THIS is why new programming shouldn't be allowed until children learn the Classics!



  2. I remember Dick van Dyke, renowned in the UK for the worst English accent ever in Mary Poppins!..How cool is he. The first video says it can't been shown outside the US? Never seen that before.

  3. i don't remember the dick van dyke show because it's before my time, but i do remember watching diagnosis murder when i was little. it was definitely a good show.

    and i know all about the Duke. John Wayne is one of my favorite actors!

  4. I didn't realise that was him in Diagnosis Murder...I love that programme. ;0)
    How funny doing a rap! :0S

  5. ha ha ha that's brilliant! I remember DVD well from Mary Popins and chitty chitty bang bang.

  6. Woah! ROCK ON, Dick! Good for him...I loved him in Mary Poppins...and a little thing called Bye-Bye Birdie. He's a classic...we should all be so lucky to be like him at 84...

  7. I have never actually seen an episode of the Dick van Dyke show but I do know what it is and I used to watch Diagnosis Murder ALL the time! And who could forget him in Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang as well as Mary Poppins! My mom made sure to educate me on the "classics", whether it was music, tv or film. So that I would never be the person who thought Dick van Dyke was a newscaster, :P. Though I'm a good 10 - 12 years older than Man-Child.. sigh, I'm getting old..

  8. Hi Gigi! I came over from Gramme's Blog. I was instantly intrigued by your writing, your life, your unique take on the world. I agree about stains, but it's usually ME setting them on my stuff in the dryer. I think it's cute he didn't know who Dick Van Dyke is, it shows he's a typical male. :-)

  9. i do know dick van dyke, he is awesome, hes also in Mary Pobbins, as Bert. !! so cool. They don't make them like this any more!!


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