April 18, 2010

Yard Work Help Needed

What can I say about this weekend?

It's been productive.

Laundry is done.  Bathrooms are clean.  Kitchen is clean (for the moment).  Inside plants watered.  Other household tasks accomplished.

Hubby finished painting the shed (and yes, I realize it's not the image one first thinks of when hearing the term shed.  Believe me - it is far more than what I envisioned when this project was first deployed!)

It does my heart good to see him working on something I want done.

It's also been disheartening.

I'm in the process of completely re-doing my front beds because they are not up to my satisfaction.  But I figured I could salvage the plants for other areas of the yard.

Some I placed in front of the "shed" last weekend.  They seem to be doing well (see above picture - which you really can't see that well, I've just noticed - oh well - imagine!).

The one I moved today sadly, doesn't seem to care for it's new home at all.  It has been suggested that the plant is just messing with me and will make a full recovery in time.  I hope so.  I will forgive it, if that is the case.  In the meantime, I've begged and pleaded with it.  I've told it how much it will love it's new home.  So far?  It's not buying it.

See how sad and wilted it looks?  See that box behind it?  That's what it is supposed to hide.

As I was tweeting about it's possible demise, Hubby then saw fit to "accidently" run over half of my forsythia with his lawn mower.  While I know in my heart of hearts he didn't do it intentionally, someone please explain to me how you run over a plant that is in a bed.  It's not sitting out there all by it's lonesome in the yard waiting to be accidently mowed.  And it's been in the exact same spot for about a year.  It's not like it had a death wish and just jumped out in front of him.  I've decided not to hold a grudge.  But we shall see.  To be truthful I did have plans to move it.  Now we'll have to wait and see if it recovers from the death blow before it can be moved.

Actually, I'm in the process of re-vamping all my beds.  I don't know what I was thinking when I was planting in the last year or so - but out of all of them - I'm only semi-happy with one.  So if anyone is up for some physical labor over the next month or so - let me know.  I've got plenty to do - come on over.


  1. Oh my! Running over the forsythia by "mistake" can be very suspicious, dear Gigi. Let me know what transpires in the next few days, okay? Hugs to you about your transplants.

  2. As much as I could live in that shed, I won't be helping you with gardening... unless you need to lose ALL your plants.

  3. Bummer. I still think that first plant is just messing with you. Wants you to know it's not happy with the move...but I think it'll come around. I've transplanted many plants that looked like they were gonna die, only to have them bounce back.

    And I'm still wondering how much beer hubby had before he climbed onto that mower...

  4. The shed looks FANTASTIC! Your plant there that's supposed to hide the "box" looks all sad and lonely! :(

  5. What a lovely shed you have, I've spent holidays in worse places than that !

  6. I can't help laughing at your 'shed' here that would be a home for lots of people. It's huge! ;0)
    I hope your plants survive their move and accidents. ;0) xx

  7. Our yard needs so much work we don't know where to start!!

  8. My mom used to just pull a piece off the forsythia bush, put it in the ground, and it would take root and grow, so SURELY yours will be fine, even if doesn't fill out until next year. And that wilted plant? Just water it every day, give it fertilizer, and it will be fine!


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