April 11, 2010

Laundry Woes

Okay - it's no secret.  I really, really, really dislike laundry.

It's a thankless, never-ending task that is completely and totally mind numbing and cuts into a large part of my weekend (hmmm-maybe I should try doing it during the week.....)

One of my biggest peeves about laundry is the stains.  I have told them repeatedly - if it has a stain on it put it on the washing machine and give it a squirt of the stain stuff.  That way I'll know it has a stain and re-treat before I wash.

Because yeah, even though I separate after a fashion - I'm usually not taking the time to examine each item for stains before tossing it in (hey, my time is VALUABLE!  I don't have the desire time for that kind of stuff!).

Needless to say, they don't heed my requests and upon folding clothes I discover stains - that have now been set from the heat of the dryer!!! ARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!

If it's a favorite (and I'm in the right frame of mind) I might try to remove the stain.  Sometimes I'm successful; sometimes I'm not.  This is why Hubby now has a whole drawer full of "cooking shirts."  These are shirts that have stains so set in that they have now become part of the fabric.  He "tries" to remember to change into one of these many shirts before embarking to the kitchen - he's not always successful at this.  Which results in more shirts for that drawer.

I've seen my share of stains.  Crayons (from when Man-Child was small); ink, grease, wine, grass, North Carolina clay (which you cannot remove with anything; pre-treating, stain-fighters, copious amounts of bleach; the atomic bomb - NOTHING will remove it; period).  You name it - I've probably seen it - after it's been set in from the heat of the dryer. 

Until now.  What pray tell is this?

Can you see it? (I know I'm not the best a picture taking ....)  It looks to be something of a mixture of blood and (fresh) chili and I don't know what all.

I have tried and  tried to remove it.  It won't budge. 

I've asked Man-Child what it could possibly be - he informed me that it was blood - but not his blood and since the authorities aren't asking we should keep it quiet.  (Smart-ass.)  It's his way of saying he has no idea (I hope).

So at this point - I'm ignoring it (and keeping a beady eye on that boy of mine.....)

Sorry - had plenty of topics to choose from earlier - but this was the only one I could remember when I sat down to type......


  1. Git-R-Done!

    Hey G Sweetie, I've got some pics for you over at my place...

  2. I'm not sure I'd want to know what that stain is! Do you have a product called Bio-tex in the US? I use that for really stubborn stains. You soak for 12 hours (I do it overnight) it normally shifts most things.

  3. I keep a squirt bottle of peroxide handy for all the bloody evidence. Works great for other stuff, too.

  4. I remember those days with 2 girls!! I am glad it's over!!

  5. yes... blood gets peroxide...

    Also do you ever try Felz Naptha soap? It doesn't seem like it would work but it really does.

    It's a yellowy bar of soap. You get it at Walmart. Just rub it on the stain, like a dry bar of soap. I know, sounds crazy, right? But try it. Even if it doesn't work on this stain, maybe it will on the next.

    I've been using it lately to get out old baby barf stains from clothes that were packed away to be used for the latest baby. It's working great!

  6. I hate stains ! I dont know aout US products but we used to have something called ace bleach which I am sure was a peroxide it was brilliant ... septic tank issues I have to be so careful what I use now.

  7. My son would just wear it stained, it's unlikely he'd ever notice if clothes were even clean never mind stain free !

  8. Luckily my husband usually does the laundry. :P

    I have NO idea what that stain could be! I'm going to go with Man-Child and say just keep it hush-hush in case it is blood, hehe.

  9. The mystery stain...?? Seen my share of those.

  10. maybe he had someone in a headlock??
    try oxi clean. I used to soak my sons football jerseys in it overnight, and it removed all bloodstains, (foreign and domestic) paint scuffs, and serious odor. I swear by that stuff.

  11. We have something called Vanish here...it comes in pink tubs as a soak or as a spray. It's quite good even at getting grass and mud stains out of cricket whites or white (why do they choose white??) rugby shorts. x

  12. I'm sorry....I got distracted by your gorgeous counter-tops....what were you saying??

    Have you tried soaking it in OxyClean? I'm a big believer in the "soak the hell out of it" method of cleaning.

    As for the blood? Hey, what's talked about in Gigi's Ramblings stays in Gigi's Ramblings....

  13. I'm sorry...I know I should be commenting on the gross stain but I can't get past your husband's cooking shirts! How bloody cool is that...a husband that cooks! If you get bored of him, please send him my way...