April 30, 2010

Hello?????? Is anybody out there????

I've had sole control of the computer tonight and no one seems to around.  I've got Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, and even *shudder* ClassMates.com up - and there seems to be no activity tonight AT ALL.  Have you all been invited to a party?  Did my invitation get lost in the mail? 

(and as a totally random aside, is it just me?  When you check out ClassMates.com do you recognize anybody?  Not even one of the names seems even remotely familiar to me.  Am beginning to think I've somehow signed on with the wrong school.....)

Yes, I realize it is a Friday night.  And that you all have lives that you are busily going about (except for those of you "across the pond." Not that I mean you don't have lives.... it's just that I am sure you are most likely sleeping about now....)

As you can probably surmise, since I'm here posting away, that I ended up staying home this weekend.  Hubby really, really did not want to come home on Saturday and I really, really didn't want to come home on Sunday (and Texan Mama? Yeah I didn't see your totally great compromise until too late....but will remember it for next time!).  Actually (between you and me), I think in their heart of hearts, they didn't want me to join them on this trip.  I think they kinda like having their "own" time.  Which is fine - it's not like my heart was wounded or anything (ok, maybe a little).  But I've been pushing for them to have their "own" time for so long now that I just need to be happy that they have found their little niche and are enjoying it (and, as a bonus?  I get the whole house and the computer to myself!!!).  Don't get me wrong, Hubby and Man-Child have a very strong bond but before recently, they never went away together.  Man-Child and I have a long history of taking trips and spending time together - but they haven't.  And, occasionally, you need to get away from the everyday stuff and just spend time having fun as a parent and child - which M-C and I have worked out to perfection (sometimes).  So anyway....I'm at home.  All alone with the computer.  (Stalkers? Don't get any ideas-I am far too mean to be dealt with if you wake me up from a sound sleep-just ask Hubby.  He will tell you in no uncertain terms that I am not to be messed with; particularly when I'm trying to sleep; or if I haven't had my coffee) And none of y'all are here on the World Wide Web . . . it's not fair! (stamping foot in frustration!)  I'm ready to chat, to visit, to commiserate.  And you just aren't here!

I did end up going to work today despite both Mrs. Lovely and Kathryn telling me, in no uncertain terms late last night, to stay home (sorry guys!  Fate won out.  I woke up early enough without the alarm to make it - which was my way of flipping a coin).  Which actually, turned out to be a good thing since I really needed to be there today (which of late, is extremely unusual as it's been so dead around the office) which sometimes, (only sometimes) makes you feel wanted and needed.  And that vacation day?  Well, it will be better spent another time (maybe, hopefully this summer???  If not, an extra day around Christmas works just as well).

At any rate, with any luck, maybe a few more things will get crossed off my list this weekend since I won't have the usual distractions (read: Hubby and M-C).  But as with all lists, I fully expect that as I cross one or two things off the top and couple will be added to the bottom!  Such is life.

Well, since there has (still) been no activity on the World Wide Web - I suppose I shall sign off for now and go find something else to do for a bit.  (Where are y'all? asked in a very whiny voice!)


  1. awwww i'm sorry you're alone, but it's nice that your hubby and MC get to have some time together.

    as for me this lovely friday night, i'll probably hang out with Prince and play some video games, surf the net and mindlessly watch TLC. :)

  2. Well, crap! I was right here and didn't know you were available to chat. I've been struggling with both computers and can't figure out why I can't scan. I need to scan some paperwork, so I can email it. Why do I always have computer issues!!!

  3. I guess we across the pond were asleep when you were online! enjoy your weekend x

  4. Over here, I'm here (jumping up and down with an arm in the air)....

    Ooops too late I guess!

    Hope the boys enjoy their weekend together and you don't go stir crazy with just the computer for company xxx

  5. Oh I regonise the names n freinds reunited, but my reaction is more along the lines of the hairs standing up on my arms so I tend to steer clear.

    It's not just you, facebook turns into a ghost town as soon as I turn up.

  6. I fell asleep absurdley early last night (before 10pm). We're at a hotel and the bed isn't even that comfortable. It is king-sized though and at once point I'm pretty sure Derek and I were in different area codes..

    I know the feeling, being home by yourself and it turns out you're the ONLY person who is home or awake that night.

  7. I was fast asleep while you were posting this, still recovering from my Thursday hike. I think it's nice you have this time to yourself, even if you could have used some virtual company. I'll have to go back and read the comments to the last post to see what compromises were offered!

  8. Aww...sorry I missed you. Was only on twitter/FB for a little while, late last night. Am sure you're enjoying your weekend though.

  9. heh, yeah, life is usually pretty dead on Friday nights.

    'Course, me? I'm a big homebody. Last night I fell asleep at like 9pm. I am so pathetic.

  10. It's horrible that...also scary how much we rely on the internet. I didn't have any connection yesterday for hours and was thinking OMG how am I going to get through a Saturday night without Twitter...;0S


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