April 3, 2010

What loooonnnnngggg day!

It began at 7:00 am.  Quite unwillingly, I must say.  I would have loved to sleep in for just a bit more.  But no; Hubby was snoring like a freight train and couldn't be shushed.

I stumbled downstairs in search of coffee. 

There was no real coffee to be had! (in this house - a transgression punishable by death!) But there was some instant coffee.  I resisted it as long as I could but eventually caved.  It was horrible.  It would have been tastier to take the granules and just chew them up.

There was so much I wanted to get done today.  Yard work.  House work.  Shed work.  All of which would have created noise and havoc.

Since it seemed that Hubby hadn't made it to bed until very, very late and, being the kind and loving wife that I am (quit laughing!), I was going to let him sleep (although I didn't get to.....just sayin') - hence I couldn't begin banging around.

Both he and Man-Child slept till almost 10:00 am (just how late were they up till??) which is very unusual for both of them.  Guess what I discovered in that time? 

None of y'all are up and posting.  If you are on this side of "the pond" then you must have all be sleeping like normal people; or if you are on the other "side of the pond" then you were going about your lives like normal people.  Hmmm.  Seems like I'm always out of step with y'all.

Thus began the day of frustrations.

The house?  It's in total shambles.  Once I lost the feeling to get it in order (around 8:30 or so) that was it.  So it is still in shambles.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow......

The laundry?  Completely taking over.  Seriously?  How do some of y'all deal?  We only have three of us here and the laundry is NEVER ENDING.  I know of one family with 11 kids; seriously.  What must that laundry look like.  ::shudder:: I don't even want to imagine...

The yard?  The stuff I want to do (basically re-do everything) can't be done until "they" come to mark the utility cables - which looks like it won't be until Monday at this point (don't "they" realize I have plans; a schedule; a list!).

So I went out.  Shopping was on the agenda.  Yay! Finally, at least I would see some progress somewhere.  Right?  New purse?  New shoes?  A new skirt?  Maybe a chair or two for the strangely-sized table on the porch?

There was nothing to be found.  Not even in the shoe area - how could this be?  ::sigh::

It wasn't even 2:00 pm yet I headed home in defeat.  I came home ready to lay all my frustrations at Hubby's feet.  I needed a hug.

He wasn't home.  ::sob::

But when he arrived; he came bearing paint.  For the trim on "the" shed.

Finally!  Something that might show some progress!!

So for several hours we painted.  And we painted.  And we painted.  (sorry BrightonMum - no pictures to document the work this time! Next time; promise!)

And finally.  Most of the trim is painted on the shed (who knew there was that much trim work on a freakin' shed?!)

Granted, there is still much to be done.  The rest of it needs to be painted.  And (according to Hubby) it must be sheet-rocked (why??) and painted on the inside (not my problem!).  But if we can get the outside done then I will feel better.  Another item checked off the never-ending list.

During all this activity, Man-Child moped around.  He was hungry (then feed yourself!  Jeez!  You aren't two anymore!)  He was bored (oh my hell-seriously?  Don't complain to me about how bored you are or you just might find yourself cleaning baseboards!  And Spring Break is just beginning.....I have a feeling this just might be one long week)

So here it is - 7:45 pm.  And I am done.  Simply done.

I need a shower.  Another glass of wine.  And bed.

Tomorrow is bound to be better.  It is after all Easter. 

So, although I forgot to buy chocolate bunnies for the boys (eek! Maybe I can sneak out tomorrow and buy some?), I hope you all have a restful, peaceful day with your families or friends!  We will be celebrating alone this year (a first in a long, long time).  And I am hoping that it will be as peaceful as it sounds......

But knowing me and my never-ending list....somehow I don't think so....


  1. I love it when it's someone else complaining about freight trains and being rudely awakened. Hopefully you remembered to get coffee while you were out. Happy Easter Gigi! Sleep late, I know I will. (but then again, I stay up all night)

  2. Sorry Gigi, I'm currently on nights and I slept until 5:30pm ADT (I'm an hour ahead of you). In another week or so I'll be back on days for a few months! Yay!

    And at least you got something done today - painting is tough work! All I managed to do today is go have supper at someone else's house (I helped clean up) and then picked up a few groceries and now I'm taking a bath (yes, I take my laptop with me to the tub, don't judge).

    You should be able to get some chocolate at a drug store tomorrow I imagine. I know here drug stores will be about the only thing open!

  3. I hope you have a Easter doing everything you want to do!!

  4. My hubby snores too- I get woken (or is it waked?) up at least 5 times a night. We've been having marathn days here- shopping, tearing into walls, burning the bursh. I am exhausted. Let's send the hubby's somewhere and get some sleep!

  5. Aw. Well, the never-ending "to-do" list is slowly being whittled down. Ya take it where you can get it.

    'Course, it's Monday now...and I'm imagining you've awoken late (?) to a relatively clean house (?) and all the stores are open, so shopping should be good (woohoo?).

    Here's hoping you have a fabulous week!

  6. I hope you have a Easter doing everything you want to do!!
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