February 27, 2010

Another book review.....because yeah, I like to read ALOT

Have just finished The Quickie by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge.

Love James Patterson.  He has written many, many wonderful books.  I've never been disappointed when I pick up one of his works.

This is an excellent book.  At only 274 pages it's a quick read (pun intended).

It begins with the lead character, Lauren, seeing her husband with another woman entering a hotel.

She decides to even the score and decides to meet up with this co-worker who has been flirting with her.  The night of passion takes a decidedly bad turn when she witnesses her new lover being murdered.

Her desire to uncover the truth quickly dissolves into saving the man she loves - which in turn leads to even more twists and turns.

This is a definite read, in my opinion.


  1. O.k. I get it! Your life needs a thrill!

  2. Another one to add to my reading list...

  3. Oh I love him too!!! Is it a brand new one? I have to start reading again... Thanks!!