February 5, 2010

Bad Hostess With the Mostest - that would be me

Hubby mentioned in passing to me a week or two ago that he'd like to have a SuperBowl party. 

Sounds good to me - have a few guys over to drink beer and watch the "Big Game," while I could go to a movie, read a book, blog, whatever.  I can roll with that.

Hmmm.  Apparently that wasn't his plan.

Next thing I know, Hubby has plastered his invitation on FaceBook for all the world to see.  He has just invited everyone we know over.  Which would include wives - which means I would have to play hostess.  On a Sunday night.  Until late.  Because the "powers-that-be" at the NFL seem to think that late on Sunday night is the perfect time to have the "Big Game."  Knowing that lots of folks will be having parties.  Knowing that most of those same people have to get up and go to work in the morning!  Personally, I think the "powers-that-be" are idiots.  Just my opinion.  But I digress.

Now normally I don't mind being the hostess with the mostest.  But let me let you in on a little secret.

I don't like football.  Especially watching it on television.

Yes, I am uber-football mom when Man-Child is playing - but that's because I have a vested interest in the game and I'm actually there and can get caught up in the excitement.

But for the most part?  Leave me out of it.  I have far better things to do than watch grown men run around on the field - like cleaning the oven, digging a ditch, or cleaning a sewer line.  ANYTHING is better to me than watching a game on t.v.

Luckily (is it wrong for me to think that?) no one has responded, at least via FaceBook yet.  I'm thinking it's because Hubby waited to late to do the invite.  (Hasn't he learned anything from all these years being married to me?  You have to send out invites at least two weeks in advance! Basic social etiquette - duh!).  So hopefully, everyone else already has plans.  Yes, bad hostess with the mostest, for not wanting this party to go off.

But - between you and me - I will hold that title proudly if this so-called party doesn't materialize.  Yes, I'll put on the sad face for Hubby but inside?  I'll be doing my little happy dance.


  1. Just think if there are a lot of people there and all watching the game you could just sneak away and leave it all for them to clean up xxx

  2. I don't like watching sport on telly either. If you do get people turn up I'd be tempted to leave the beers & snacks out and slope off to another room. I bet a lot of the wives would want to too!

  3. Ah, another sports widow. You could do like me... my days of hosting ANYTHING are OVER! I can't take the stress and I don't play well with others. And to think I raised a daughter that LOVES that crap! Where did I go wrong?

  4. I think Id have to strangle the hubby if he did that, then I would leave, right before the party.

  5. I hate watching football as well, actually I've never watched it because I can't even stand the noise. Yet I love watching the boys play.
    That sounds like hell....and no rsvp's. What if they all turn up and you're not prepared, that would be even worse!! i think he should be sent to the shed! ;0) x

  6. Ahh you guys are too funny and so much like me in soooo many ways....

    WC & MDM - I've been known to sneak away a time or two....sssh our secret!

    Ms. A. - Definitely a football widow! Am seriously thinking of throwing a "Thank God! Football is OVER!" party one of these days. Love to host a party that isn't held on a Sunday night starting around 6:00 pm! (Are you listening NFL?? THAT IS STUPID!!! If you MUST have SuperBowl Sunday then start it at midnight on Sunday morning so everyone can recover before Monday!)

    Choleesa - I'd seriously consider strangling him; but considering I've had to lead his choking self to the stairs before I could even begin to attempt the Heimlich (unsuccessfully I might add) on him that might be difficult. I'm thinking poison might work better....

    CM - If I had to worry about the food - I'd be really upset; but as all I really have to worry about is having the house clean & the decor...not worried too much about the rsvp's since the house needs to be cleaned anyway. BTW - at first I was like "send him to the shed" must be an English thing. Then I realized you meant "the shed that will never be finished!" and thought "Ahhh, pure genius!" If I send him to the shed - it MIGHT actually get finished eventually!

  7. When my girls were cheerleaders, I went to the football games and clapped when everyone else did!! Towards the end I finally learned the game. I am lucky my husband isn't a big sports fan. Never understood why the Super Bowl wasn't held on Saturday! Hope no one shows!!

  8. I'm with you on this one! Ex hubby is a HUGE football fan, to the extent he would have radio with headphones in one ear and the tv on watching a different game! Drove me insane...I like the thing a lot of men do here now. Go to the pub and watch it on a big screen with all your mates. Much better idea!

  9. LOL I don't mind the football, but I do love those commercials! Don't know what that says about me?

  10. Hey girl, I've closed down my blog, and I can't find your email address. If you want invited, please email me at bina64@gmail.com.

  11. I am curious if you ended up having a party