February 1, 2010

This whole anonymity thing.....

Most of us are anonymous.  Or at least as anonymous as we can be.

We seek that.  We prefer it.  This way we can speak freely (most of the time).

But as my dear friend (yes, dear although we've not met in real life - yet!) WildernessChic posted today; she had made a connection - a connection that was broken.

A connection with one who just suddenly seemed to disappear.

While I didn't know this blogger (just recognized her moniker from comments on blogs I may frequent-and most likely would have gotten to know her eventually); I understood WC's distress.

Because if some of those that I've "made that connection" with suddenly disappeared...my heart would be hurt.  Deeply.  Because I truly value those connections as "true friendship."  Because really?  We are more open here than we are in real life - and this tells me that those connections? They are real.

Maybe that's just me.  Maybe I feel that connection too dear.  Maybe I think there is more there than there might be in reality.  I know I am this way in real life; so in the ether-world?  I'm sure it's the same.

I'd like to think if I suddenly disappeared - some of you would be looking for me and wondering.  Because I know that would be the case on this end.

Luckily, this story seems to have a happy ending.  WildernessChic's call-out to the blog-o-sphere seems to have worked - she found her friend again. 

(that being said - NONE of y'all are allowed to disappear - period. You don't want to be responsible for hurting my heart; do you? Cause you know, I can hold a grudge if I have too.....ok, maybe only  just for a little while....)


  1. I've been blogging for 4 years, and I've seen bloggers just disappear. Some of them left a long time ago and I still find myself wondering about them. The blog friendships certainly do feel like real connections!

  2. And the blog spankings are "felt", too! Dang, I hate being on the receiving end. Probably get one for saying that.

    ***Note to spanker***
    Please, don't even think about it.

  3. I would miss you if you disappeared....I enjoy your posts very much and your comments.

  4. Gigi, when you go 2 days without blogging, I wonder where you are!! There's about a half a dozen bloggers that I feel like are my friends and I would miss them if I didn't get to read about what's going on and interact with them in some way!

  5. Yes Gigi you would be missed x I sometimes wish I had was totally anon, too late for that though.
    Nice to see our girl back x

  6. You are right we do make good friends in the Blogsphere, people that we either want to help and support or those who's clothes we want to look at!

  7. I've worried about Twitter disappearances before...then the person has popped back up. X

  8. I know exactely what you mean. We do talk/write more freely than we do in person. I love your blog and look forward to reading whatever you write!!

  9. I would definitely miss you. I have lost one of my "friends" HeartNiki. It sadden me, so you Ms. Ramblings, are NOT allowed to go anywhere.

  10. I've been in a really bad place for a few weeks and couldn't face my blog because I didn't know even where to start. Thank God I'm anonymous because when I finally plucked up the courage to post again, I was able to be brutally honest with you all as well as myself. I'd miss you like mad Gigi so don't you go anywhere!

  11. You guys are too, too sweet. Believe me, I'm not going anywhere - I have far too much to say. Mummmmeeee - I'm glad you are back!

  12. I know exactly what you're saying. It's always weird when someone just...disappears. I'm thinking, "Are they reading, but just not commenting? I have to go look for them." But, then I get distracted...and I forget.

    And then I remember whilst driving...or in the middle of the night. GRRRRR.