February 1, 2010

A Facebook Rant; a Mea Culpa; and more snow ranting; basically nothing new.

Facebook people.  DO NOT PUSH YOUR "BUSINESS" (i.e., Pampered Chef and the like).  I already don't care for Facebook that much - what with all the So-n-So asked you to help gather her eggs from her farm - and guess what?  I don't have a farm, I don't need a farm and I don't want a farm.  And to top it off?  I haven't talked to you in 15 years so why in God's name do I need to help you tend to your farm??  It's not my game - it's yours.  You play it (sorry to all my Facebook fiends lovers out there) and leave me out of it.  But I digress....

Facebook is definitely, without a doubt, NOT the place to push your "stuff."  It's a "social network."  It's kind of like being invited to a dinner party, realizing you haven't met Mrs. Such-n-Such and deciding to take over the entire dinner conversation by telling her how wonderful your products are.  Stop it.  It's tacky and rude.  The only reason I'm on there is to keep tabs on my son.  Period.  I don't need to be assaulted with your pushy sales tactics.

Now with that being ranted about....anyone have any ideas on how I can somehow let her know this without completely alienating her?  It's for her own good - really!


Awards?  My bad.  Big time.  I know there some out there that someone has bestowed upon me (this niggling suspicion was aroused upon reading a post from Chic Mama.).  I do appreciate the sweet thoughts and intentions (and why am I really thinking that Liz was one of my benefactors?).  But between Christmas, the death of my beautiful computer, the loss of my template and any of the many other rantings that I'm sure I've engaged in here - it has totally slipped my mind.  I am a bad blogg-y friend.  And I am sorry.  If you honored me - and I didn't post it; mention it, pass it on - I'm sooooo sorry.  I appreciate the love; I really do.  But I get distracted easily.  In the future I promise to make notes (maybe - if something shiny and stiletto-y doesn't distract me....)


This snow-thing?  Am sooooo over it.  Cause really??  This is not what I signed up for when I agreed to move.  I informed Hubby that if this keeps up - we are moving.

Guess what the forecast for this weekend is?  Yup, you guessed it - more freakin' snow!!!!! In the entire time I've been here (about 11 years now) it has never snowed this much in one season!

As it is, our local government saw fit to not do a damn thing about the roads after the blizzard (7 whole inches - and yeah that really is a big deal here) this weekend.  Nothing was done until today.  Why?  Because, and this is just my opinion, there was a HUGE event planned for downtown today and they needed to deal with the snow there.  Seriously - not only did they remove the snow downtown - but they "dried" the streets!  Hmmm....curious isn't it - downtown; no snow & dried streets - outlying areas (and I don't mean the rural areas either); covered in snow, slush & ice.......

I can't tell you about the HUGE event because that would give away exactly where I live - and that would give Hubby nightmares - because, as I've told you before - he is absolutely convinced you are all stalkers waiting to kill us in our sleep. ::sigh::  He doesn't know you the way I know you.


I know there was something else I had planned on sharing with you.  But - it has totally left my mind (hmmm, maybe because Hubby is insisting on talking to me even though it is quite obvious that I am busy here?!).  I really need to start writing these things down.....or maybe not.  Seems most of my posts ramble on for quite a bit....if I could remember what I actually wanted to say - then all bets would be off.......


  1. Oh no, Facebook can suck you dry. Now, the snow? Yes. That's a wet puddle waiting to happen.

  2. lakeviewer - )
    Yes! FB can suck you dry-hubby and I just had this discussion tonight! And snow! ICK! I am DONE! Being from TX it was a novelty at first- now? Not so much...

  3. Not sure where you are in NC, but we have property outside of Asheville and I understand they (Asheville) got 13 inches. My renter sent me some mighty cold looking snow pictures. Crap, I'm freezing in Texas! I never used to get cold, now I can't seem to get warm.

  4. LOL, oh Gigi, I would stalk you in a heartbeat!!

    I don't like Facebook.. I play FarmVille but even then, I've been doing that since being on leave from work and I find it gives me something to do but people tend to divulge too much information on it and frankly, I don't care, and if I wanted people to know my personal business, I'll tell them myself, personally.

  5. Eek.. forgot to subscribe to follow-up comments so gotta comment again. :P

  6. Awww, that forgetting something feeling is horrible! I can't believe you've got more snow on the way. Poor you. :0(

  7. I just ignore most of what's on Facebook. As for the snow here (NC) ..my road just got scraped today Tuesday..Sorry but I love it because it means I am out of work(schools are closed for students so I don't go in). If I had to be out in it...then I wouldn't like it so much. I know what your husband means ...sometimes I think are these people(not you of course) really who they say they are.

  8. Oh, sweetie!

    1) Invest in some serious Post-its. I jot down stuff CONSTANTLY. Ya never know when inspiration will strike.

    2) I love your meandering posts....it's like we're chatting! I'm just sorry I've been MIA for a while and missed so muchy!

    3) Tell hubby if we're stalking anyone, it's YOU. We don't care so much about him!